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Banking shares shed previous gains

Released at: 14:27, 09/12/2015 Stock Market Watch

Banking shares shed previous gains

Prices down on all but one banking shares in morning session of December 9.

by Hung Khanh

Almost all banking shares lost ground in the morning session of December 9, except for EIB, which closed at its opening price.

Of special mention is VCB, which yesterday largely shouldered the recovery in the market by increasing 5.64 per cent. It spend the morning session, however, entirely in negative territory. By the close it had lost VND800 ($0.04), or 1.86 per cent. Similarly, BID lost 0.48 per cent after yesterday increasing 2.44 per cent. CTG and MBB lost 0.53 per cent and 0.71 per cent, respectively, while STB fell the most, at 3.51 per cent, with the highest liquidity among banking shares, seeing some 1 million shares changing hands.

The only bright spot for banking was the relatively high number of unmatched buys at closing. STB finished with 700,140 unmatched buys and 263,990 unmatched sells, VCB 88,060 and 47,340, and BID 129,550 and 63,600.

The VN30-Index fell, by 3.17 points, 0.54 per cent, with six shares increasing and 19 decreasing. The VN-Index also fell, by 2.34 points, or 0.41 per cent, with 56 shares increasing and 12 decreasing.

HQC saw the highest liquidity, with some 3 million shares changing hands. Yesterday it hit its floor, losing 6.15 per cent, and this morning lost a further 1.64 per cent, closing with some 1.6 million unmatched sells and 1.3 million unmatched buys.

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