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Sacombank to pay 2013 & 2014 dividends

Released at: 11:35, 19/11/2015

Sacombank to pay 2013 & 2014 dividends

Bank paying different dividend rates for different share types.

by Hung Nguyen

Sacombank has recently paid dividends for 2013 and 2014 to holders of common shares, bonus shares, and additional shares issued after the merger with Southern Bank. The amount of shares receiving a dividend account for 38.75 per cent of the bank’s charter capital prior to the merger, excluding 100 million treasury stocks.

The dividend on common stock for 2013 has been set at 8 per cent and for 2014 12 per cent, bonus stock and treasury stock holders 10 per cent, and holders of additional stock 8.75 per cent.

For shareholders who have deposited securities, the Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) will allocate the dividend to the owner accounts of shareholders from November 17.

Shareholders who have not deposited securities must present identity cards or certificates of business registration and referrals to receive certification of ownership at branches of Sacombank where they are registered, from November 23.

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