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VN-Index lowest since late October

Released at: 17:59, 26/11/2015 Stock Market Watch

VN-Index lowest since late October

Index falls 5.30 points to close at 590.40 at the end of afternoon trade.

by Hung Khanh

The VN-Index fell 5.30 points over the course of November 26, or 0.89 per cent, to close at 590.40; its lowest point since closing at 590.24 points on October 21. Trade volume for the day was some 157 million shares, of which around 45 million were traded in the VN30-Index.

Due to the large amount of additional BID stock issued this morning it closed at VND21,600 ($0.96), losing VND1,000 ($0.04), or 4.42 per cent. The closing price was its lowest of the year, with trade volume increasing significantly, to 2.4 million shares. Foreign investors bought 159,200 and sold 275,500, accounting for one-quarter of the total.

Other banking stocks continued with the decline seen in the morning session, such as VCB, by 1.30 per cent (its fourth consecutive day of losses), STB 2.48 per cent, and CTG 0.51 per cent.

VNM saw its lowest trade volume for the month, with only 290,190 shares changing hands during the day. Foreign investors bought 50,000 shares and sold just as many. It closed VND2,000 ($0.09) down, or 1.6 per cent.

Foreign investors continued to sell MNS, offloading 240,000 while buying some 20,000. Today was the third day in a row foreign investors sold 240,000 shares, and today they accounted for 70 per cent of trade.

KDC also saw large sales by foreign investors, of around 240,000, or one-fifth of total trade. Demand, however, was strong enough for it to increase 1.18 per cent against its opening price, closing at VND25,800 ($1.15).

OCG and FLC again saw the highest liquidity on the HSX, with some 16 million OCG shares and some 14 million FLC shares changing hands. Both fell, however, by 4.65 and 4.44 per cent, respectively, which for OCG followed six days of reaching its ceiling. Foreign investors bought some 9 million shares over the six days, but today bought just 57,800 and sold 208,000.

HHS yesterday saw some 9 million shares sold by foreign investors, hitting its floor. Today they continued to sell, at some 1.5 million shares, but it closed at its opening price.

The HNX today saw a total of around 71 million shares changing hands, with the HNX-Index falling 0.15 points, or 0.19 per cent.

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