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At the pleasure of all guests

Released at: 08:28, 17/08/2019

At the pleasure of all guests

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Paradise Vietnam's success story is testament to Ha Long Bay's expanding tourism scene. Starting out with only one luxury wooden cruise vessel in 2018, Paradise Vietnam has flourished into one of Ha Long Bay's top cruising choices. Now with a sprawling entourage of nine upscale vessels on the famed bay and renowned for hospitality and excellent facilities, Paradise Vietnam is looking forward to expanding its portfolio in the near future. General Manager Edgar Cayanan shared his thoughts with VET on what the company has to offer in 2019 and 2020.

It’s no secret that Paradise Cruise offers the most valuable services in Ha Long Bay for luxury cruising at this moment, and we aim to keep our standards high to maintain our apex position in the market.Mr. Edgar Cayanan,General Manager of Paradise Vietnam

■  The service industry is known for the pressure of providing uncompromising customer service. With a clientele of high-end guests with even higher expectations, what does Paradise Cruise provide to keep its customers happy?

Paradise Cruise expects nothing less than perfection from our staff and facilities. Quality control is our foremost priority, providing each and every customer with the same utmost care and amenities. It’s no secret that Paradise Cruise offers the most valuable services in Ha Long Bay for luxury cruising at this moment, and we aim to keep our standards high to maintain our apex position in the market. Our facilities operate at the pleasure of our guests, which is why Paradise Cruise invests tremendously in the training and management of our staff. From cooperating with international universities and colleges, especially in countries with a track record in the service industry such as the Philippines, Paradise Cruise is creating a culture of uncompromising service and human resources.

■  There has been talk about Paradise Vietnam expanding its services to Lan Ha Bay. Can you tell us more about that?

Lan Ha Bay provides us with a new horizon for expanding our reach in providing high-end services, and we aim to develop even more on this exciting adventure. A new market offers a refreshing start for Paradise Cruise, and this is our chance to put what we had learned over the past year into reimagining luxury services, especially through showcasing our new boats. 

Lan Ha Bay sets itself apart from Ha Long Bay with an entirely different excursion route, which is why our next ship - the Paradise Grand - is designed to be wholly unique from what we have tried before. Paradise Grand is an accumulation of our experience in hospitality, taking the best from each of our previous endeavors. We’re bringing with us our Michelin-starred menu by Celebrity chef John Burton-Race, making it the first luxury cruise in Lan Ha Bay with fine dining. The onboard spa and accommodation are up to our high standards, with personal butlers and a professional crew. Most notably, Paradise Grand offers an innovative sundeck, spacious and specially-designed for open-view sightseeing, for us to provide guests with an intimate experience amid Lan Ha’s natural beauty.

■  Aside from Lan Ha Bay, what more can we expect to see from Paradise Vietnam in 2020?

We are currently hard at work on the premiere of our newest ship, the Paradise Delight. This is truly an exciting moment, not only for us here at Paradise Vietnam but also for Ha Long Bay’s tourism scene as a whole. Paradise Delight is in an entirely different class from its predecessors, bringing with it a never-before-seen concept that we’ve been immensely excited to announce. Paradise Delight will be our first move towards Restaurant Cruising - a luxury cruising experience that entirely revolves around high-end fine dining. 

All of the ship’s facilities and services are dedicated to providing guests with an unforgettable culinary experience, with the perfect scenic backdrop of beautiful Ha Long Bay. There are two floors - the first hosting an international buffet and the second serving a world-class a la carte menu, both holding to exceptionally high culinary standards. Paradise Delight should be viewed as more of a floating luxury restaurant than a cruise ship, and we hope our guests see the benefits of joining in a unique gourmet dining experience, especially on special occasions.

With this investment in Ha Long Bay, we truly believe this is just the beginning for tourism in this area. Which is precisely why we’re further leveraging on the local infrastructure, with the introduction of our innovative fast ferry, the Paradise Express. This fast ferry will greatly shorten the time travelling from shore to our luxury cruises, as every minute aboard Paradise Express is a minute saved for exploration and experiencing what Paradise Vietnam and Ha Long Bay have to offer. We truly hope this will prove our commitment to the growth and potential of Ha Long Bay’s tourism in the future.

  With the summer of 2019 ending and 2020 slowly approaching, do you have any expectations or moments you’re looking forward to for Paradise Vietnam?

2019 has been a tremendously progressive year for us, with a lot of projects in the works and some close to completion. We are putting the finishing touches on Paradise Grand, paying attention to every detail to ensure it meets our standards. This October will mark a huge milestone for Paradise, as we’ll be welcoming our 70,000th guest to Ha Long Bay. Paradise Vietnam has gone through many different stages of growth, and this will be a moment to look back on what we’ve accomplished and take a peek at what’s to come in 2020.

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