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Bamboo Airways set to fly to Japan

Released at: 14:51, 06/04/2019

Bamboo Airways set to fly to Japan

Photo: Bamboo Airways

New carrier to conduct first flight to Ibaraki on April 29.

by Ngoc Lan

The FLC Group’s Bamboo Airways will conduct its first flight to Ibaraki, Japan, on April 29, creating a driving force for the development of cooperation between the locality and Vietnam in areas where Ibaraki holds strengths.

In opening flights to Ibaraki, Bamboo Airways expects to create new impetus to promote cooperation between Vietnam and Ibaraki in a range of fields, especially strong areas for the prefecture such as agriculture, tourism and trade, while strengthening cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in general.

Ms. Duong Thi Mai Hoa, Vice President and Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways, said that Ibaraki has a favorable geographical location near Tokyo. “Ibaraki is also the leading industrial production location in Japan, and is famous for its high-level agriculture and the growth of tourism thanks to its natural scenery and unique traditional culture,” she added.

Mr. Kazuhiko Oigawa, Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture, said that flights from Vietnam to Ibaraki would bring major benefits to bilateral cooperation efforts, including the addition of quality human resources to Japan.

According to Bamboo Airways, the demand for transportation and travel between Vietnam and Japan is growing at an impressive rate. In the tourism sector in particular, Vietnam is the second most-favored destination in Southeast Asia for Japanese tourists. While the number of Vietnamese tourists to Japan reached nearly 390,000 in 2018, the growth rate led the way.

With the goal of serving increasing travel needs and promoting tourism, trade, and cultural exchange between the two countries, flights connecting Vietnam and Japan are part of a strategic link to connect East Asian markets, in which Japan is one of the key destinations of Bamboo Airways.

In the first phase, Bamboo Airways will coordinate with travel companies to operate charter flights to Ibaraki. This is a modern form of air transport, bringing benefits to all parties, ensuring operating capacity for airlines, and providing standard services at the best price.

After the first flight to Ibaraki on April 29, Bamboo Airways is expected to continue to expand coverage to many other Japanese destinations such as Okinawa, Fukushima, Wakayama, and Komatsu.

It is expected to open new routes to South Korea and Singapore during April. The carrier is currently operating 17 domestic routes, connecting major cities and famous tourist destinations in Vietnam.

To serve its international flight plans, Bamboo Airways has recently signed an agreement to purchase aircraft from Airbus, bringing its total number of Airbus A321neo aircraft to 50. This is part of the fleet development process towards standardizing aircraft lines, with the Airbus A321neo for narrow-bodied aircraft and the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for wide-bodied aircraft.

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