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Connect with the Earth at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai

Released at: 14:28, 18/05/2017

Connect with the Earth at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai

Photo: Four Season Resort The Nam Hai

Vibrations of the Earth Wellness Package now available at The Heart of the Earth Spa at Hoi An resort.

by Doanh Doanh

Inspired by the great teachings of Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh, guests at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An, can write their own Love Letter to the Earth at The Heart of the Earth Spa, a unique haven that uses crystal singing bowls to connect to the power and purpose of Mother Nature and the vibration of life and healing.

Grouped into three wellbeing lessons (Stability, Creativity and Non-Judgement), all treatments feature crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 hertz - the harmonic intonation of nature - to align each recipient’s internal rhythm with the ‘heartbeat” of the Earth.

“Through the vibrational frequencies of the singing bowls combined with heart-focused mindfulness, our treatments bring body, mind and earth together, fully present in the here and the now, working together to release tension and pain and promote peace and healing,” explained Ms. Luisa Anderson, Regional Director of Spa. “It’s a unique experience that connects guests to a higher plane of being, with extraordinary impacts on their treatment results.”

The Spa’s eight lotus pond villas (six doubles and two singles) all feature overwater relaxation pavilions and their own crystal singing bowls, while the treatment suite has an entire octave set of alchemy crystal bowls with the ability to palpably alter the vibration of the whole resort, a first for any spa in the world.   

Treatment highlights include the Nam Hai Earth Song, a mesmerizing 150-minute ritual - incredible whether experienced alone or as a couple - featuring the warm spicy cleansing smoke of sustainable Hoi An agarwood, a Heart of the Earth sound and breath ritual, a Vietnamese scrub and bath (featuring herbs from the Resort’s own farm), a deep pressure massage incorporating balancing gem-tipped tuning forks, and a fully immersive sound bath.

Guests can also choose from a wide range of Nature’s Touch Massages, Facial Blossoming, Earth-Embracing Scrubs & Wraps, Core Connection Rituals and Bathing Ceremonies (that can also be prepared by the Spa’s Bath Butler in the comfort of one’s guest villa).

In addition, the Spa’s new yogi offers a wide range of group and private classes in yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, performed on the Spa’s newly built yoga deck and featuring the live melodic strains of instruments like the classical flute.

Last but by no means least, as a beautiful end-of-day experience, each evening at 6pm the Spa reception is filled with the mellifluous sound of crystal singing bowls as the Spa team and guests alike gather to bid goodnight to the Earth.

“Thich Nhat Hanh’s key teachings center on the use of meditation and mindfulness to establish deeper levels of awareness and connection within societies and towards the earth,” Ms. Anderson continued. “In addition to receiving beautiful and powerful treatments at the Spa, we really want guests to leave with a sense of connection to their environment that they may not previously have experienced, and the combination of crystal singing bowls and mindfulness has the unique power to facilitate that.”

The Vibrations of the Earth Wellness Package includes luxurious villa accommodation (a minimum three-night stay), daily buffet breakfast at Café Nam Hai, a Nam Hai Earth Song treatment for two guests, and two private yoga sessions for two guests.

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