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Four central cities and provinces promoting tourism via Google & YouTube

Released at: 14:13, 26/06/2019

Four central cities and provinces promoting tourism via Google & YouTube

Photo: Viet Tuan (VET)

Beauty of Da Nang, Quang Binh, Thua Thien - Hue, and Quang Nam being introduced on popular platforms.

by Le Diem

The Tourism Department of central Quang Binh province has announced it is working with Google as a representative of the three central provinces of Quang Binh, Thua Thien - Hue, and Quang Nam, and the central city of Da Nang, in a campaign to promote leading local destinations on YouTube and Google Arts & Culture.

There are two main programs in the campaign - Google Adventure Vietnam for exploring the beauty of Vietnam, and promotions on Google Arts & Culture.

Six outstanding YouTubers from Vietnam, Taiwan (China), South Korea, the Philippines, and Germany who have from 1 to 3 million subscribers have been invited to join in the “Google Adventure Vietnam” program, which is taking place in these cities and provinces from June 24 to 28.

They are discovering the landscapes, culture, cuisine, and people of Quang Binh, Vietnam’s “Kingdom of Caves”, with over 400 caves, Thua Thien - Hue, with the former capital of Hue, cultural sites, and poetic scenery, Quang Nam, with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary and a mixture of Vietnamese and Champa culture, and Da Nang, with its pretty beaches, nice resorts, iconic bridges, including the now-famous Golden Bridge, and scenic mountains. They will become “online tourism ambassadors” and share these images and videos to the world on their YouTube channels.

Meanwhile, a photography and video shoot was carried out from June 6 to 24, with a collection of over 1,000 photos featuring scenic spots and outstanding cultural works in these destinations. The collection will be shown on the library of Google Arts & Culture, at www.artsandculture.google.com, shortly.

Becoming one of the nearly 2,000 special partners of Google Arts & Culture worldwide, it is expected to promote the beauty of the central region in particular and Vietnam in general to the world, according to the department. The department will continue working with Google to promote tourism in international markets via its free search and services, as well as develop digital marketing for the sector.

With some 1.9 billion users, YouTube is the top online video platform at the moment, providing important information to about 57 per cent of travelers worldwide.

Meanwhile, Google Arts and Culture attracts nearly 370 million views from over 66 million users worldwide and about 2,000 partners from more than 80 countries globally. On display are over 11,500 sets of photos and 6 million artefacts. Around 500 million searches are made on the platform each month.

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