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Furama Resort opens new restaurant

Released at: 14:31, 14/08/2018

Furama Resort opens new restaurant

Photo: Furama Resort Danang

Danaksara takes diners on a voyage through the cuisine of central Vietnam.

by Doanh Doanh

Furama Resort Danang has recently opened Danaksara restaurant, nestled in the heart of the fabulous Furama Villas Danang.

Inspired by the ancient name of the city, “Danak”, and the Hebrew word “Sara”, connoting the female minister figure, Danaksara presents a voyage through central Vietnam’s cuisine, offering diners unique variations of local favorites in a symphony of delightful and piquant local tastes, creating memories that will last for a lifetime.

This latest high-concept restaurant makes the culinary beach resort a gourmet destination for all traditional food culture seekers, with a nostalgic ambience that recalls historical memories of the country embraced in diversified traditional cuisine from Da Nang and central Vietnam.

The restaurant enjoys spectacular views over Furama Villas’ central pool, with a peaceful ambience and pure ocean air.

Reminiscent of the simple joy in days gone by of spending time with family members, Danaksara restaurant recreates the experience with inspiration from the central region’s home-cooked food, using fresh locally-sourced ingredients and plentiful garden herbs and spices.

Alongside such popular local favorites as “pho”, “bun bo Hue” (Hue noodle soup) and “bun cha ca Da Nang” (Danang fish cakes in noodle soup), Danaksara proudly introduces flavorful braised dishes, including “ca can kho nghe” (slow-cooked small rice field fish with tumeric), “ca com kho kho khe” (simmered and dried anchovies with star fruit), “ca chuon chien cu nen” (pan-fried flying fish with white shallots and green chili), “oc um chuoi” (simmered snails and pork belly), “heo quay banh hoi” (roasted pork belly with “banh hoi” rice noodles), and local unique broths such as “canh rau bat bat nau ngheu” (“bat bat” leaves with clam broth), to name just a few.

The restaurant is open daily from 6.30am to 10.30am for breakfast buffet and from 6.30pm to 11pm for dinner.

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