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LiV Resorts becomes Interval International member

Released at: 18:17, 16/08/2019

LiV Resorts becomes Interval International member

Photo: Hong Nhung (VET)

Vacation ownership provider to join the world's leading quality vacation exchange network.

by Khanh Chi

Pioneering the trend of modern vacation ownership travel, August 15 marked the official launch and announcement of LiV Resorts becoming the first and only member in Vietnam of Interval International, the world’s leading quality vacation exchange network.

Customers of LiV Resorts will be entitled to exchange vacations within an international network of over 3,200 high-quality hotels and resorts (with the highest four- and five-star ratio) in the best locations in travel destinations in 80 countries and territories around the world, together with many privileges available only for Interval International members.

“Vacation ownership has been a reputable and effective trend in travel around the world since the 1960s,” said Ms. Nguyen Ky Tam Anh, CEO of LiV Resorts. “Travelers in Vietnam have only known the concept over the last few years, however, which presents opportunities and challenges for vacation ownership providers in the market.”

According to a Reuters’ report, the global vacation ownership market is valued at $13.5 billion in 2019 and expected to grow to $21.4 billion by 2024. This shows the tremendous potential and attraction of the concept among customers worldwide.

“In Vietnam, LiV Resorts pioneers offering Vietnamese customers a brand-new vacation ownership product, which enables them to create life-long experiences and memories at a reasonable cost,” she added. “In addition to the emotional value of creating a family travel tradition and connecting family members, LiV Resorts’ vacation ownership package is also a smart investment that helps save time and cost and provides diverse life experiences for not only our customers but also their families and friends.”

Founded in early 2018, LiV Resorts owns 44 apartments of five-star quality from one to three bedrooms in The Pearl Hoian compound.

On an area of more than 8.1ha, The Pearl Hoian is situated at An Bang Beach in Hoi An, one of the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world according to Trip Advisor Asia. The large-scale tourism and entertainment complex brings together the dreams of a high-class resort. The entire operation is managed by Singapore’s five-star residence management group, The Ascott Limited.

“Founded in 1976, Interval International is now the leading prestigious vacation exchange organization in the world,” said Mr. Kit Whalley from Interval International. “The quality of hotels and resorts in our system is rigorously assessed to be aligned with international standards and has a high ratio of four- and five-star accommodation close to the central area of popular destinations around the world.”

“Our goal is to bring the best experience to our vacation owners wherever they travel. LiV Resorts’ entry into the system is a continuous quality offer to our customers and is also an open door for Vietnamese travel lovers to top leisure destinations globally.”

LiV Resorts is offering vacation ownership packages in fixed week units for a period of 35 years. Rates vary according to room type and week type, ranging from about $11,800 to $18,000 per week per unit for the 35 years.

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