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Resort competition heats up in Da Nang

Released at: 09:03, 18/05/2015

Resort competition heats up in Da Nang

Mr. Nguyen Duc Quynh, Executive Assistant Manager at Furama Resort Danang, tells VET why many guests still prefer the resort over others in the coastal city.

How would you comment on the competitive environment in Da Nang as new resorts open?

Competition is ubiquitous. The nature of competition is not only restricted to that between businesses but also between destinations. There is competition in both these respects. If we only look narrowly at competitors without thinking big, it is difficult to be successful.

As far as new resorts opening in Da Nang is concerned, I think of it being like a bird joining other singing birds to add the tune; they bring a freshness to the success of the coastal city. The expression “Birds of a feather flock together” is accurate.

What makes guests prefer Furama at a time of fierce competition from new resorts?

Travelers always care about the basics: accommodation, dining, and recreation. People like us must understand this and provide whatever meets their needs. Most visitors, both Vietnamese and foreigners, prefer to not spend too much money on accommodation; they only need a comfortable place to stay. Being flashy doesn’t guarantee customer loyalty.

Furama has remained a strong player in the industry for one reason: we always make customers feel at home. Located on one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet, we have a wide range of recreation facilities on land and on-water and underwater. The green oasis surrounding the beautiful resort is unique in the area and impresses many people.

The resort’s culinary experience features a mixture of authentic and locally-inspired Vietnamese, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine that are pure, bold and culturally indigenous. When guests come here to eat they feel like they are eating in the family dining room.

What do you think about Da Nang’s tourism development?

Da Nang is not only a great city to live in but also an ideal beach destination for tourists looking for either a short or long break. Fortunately the city boasts a leadership team with vision, developing landscapes, trees, and clean beaches and building a culture and consciousness that ensures quality services. A cradle of the ancient Champa Kingdom, an advanced civilization ruling much of Southeast Asia at one time, Da Nang is also a gateway to many world heritage sites, such as the My Son Holy Land, Hoi An ancient town, and the former imperial capital of Hue, and is easily reached by road, rail, sea, or air.

The Da Nang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has been agile and proactive. It has developed many unique tourism products, which have contributed to the stellar results recorded by the local tourism sector.

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