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Romantic setting in beautiful Da Lat

Released at: 08:19, 10/11/2018

Romantic setting in beautiful Da Lat

Photo: TTC World - Love Valley

Many people fall in love with TTC World - Love Valley at first sight.

by Le Diem

TTC World - Love Valley, including Love Valley and Dream Hill, located in the north of the central highlands’ city of Da Lat, is a true gem and perfect for couples to visit and be fascinated by stunning landscapes and romantic scenes.

Every year, TTC World - Valley of Love welcomes millions of people to visit and explore and is also a dream destination for many young people who love the mist-shrouded highlands city.

Love Valley - Where love begins

From the top of the hill, Love Valley and Da Thien Lake look like a watercolor picture, with Lang Bian Mountain far away and blanketed in fog. The lake is quiet, zigzagging through hills and pine trees. The road, cutting through green grass, embraces the lake and passes through thousands of pine trees.

Sunny days see couples walking passionately along the lake and enjoying the romantic ambience, while every Saturday many head to Venus Park to hear acoustic love songs.

There are also many other places for visitors to discover, such as Royal Gardens, Flamingo Gardens, Flower Street, 3D Flower Stairs, and Love Maze, together with many fun activities such as swan boats, horse riding, and rollercoasters, etc.

More camping sites and souvenir shops will be added to the site in the future, providing visitors a romantic and multi-colored ecological tourism site in the highlands.

Dream Hill - Impressive cultural space

Dream Hill has an artistic arrangement of villas, lakes, restaurants, entertainment areas, and souvenir shops, all of which create a very attractive tourist site for visitors. Besides its beautiful scenery, Dream Hill also features the beauty of traditional culture.

It has a village of ethnic culture, exhibiting ancient jars from the central highlands and allowing tourists to see ethnic minority people make rice wine, pound rice, and weave brocade, while also showcasing the area’s many ethnic musical instruments. All combine to give Dream Hill a charming beauty.

Gong performances at Dream Hill carry the essence of the mountains and forests, performed by local people and certain to touch your heart. The rhythm of the footsteps of the conqueror of nature and the gongs may surprise audience members. The performance is a unique highlight found only at Dream Hill and aims to present to visitors the rich culture of the central highlands.

TTC World - Love Valley
Hotline: 1900 558 855 - (+84) 263 283 1448
3 - 5 - 7 Mai Anh Dao, Ward 8, Da Lat City
Facebook: ttcworldthunglungtinhyeu
Email: info@tinhyeumongmo.vn
Website: www.tinhyeumongmo.vn

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