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Tourism in good shape to grow

Released at: 00:22, 09/06/2017

Tourism in good shape to grow

Photo: Hai Van

June 7 seminar hears of strengths Vietnam possesses in tourism as well as obstacles in need of addressing.

by Hai Van

Vietnam has various strengths to boost its tourism sector in the future, Associate Professor Michael Palmer, Hanoi Coordinator at RMIT University, told the “A Bright Future for Vietnam’s Tourism Industry: Opportunities for Growth and Lessons from Competing Nations in the Mekong Region” seminar on June 7.

Attendees identified the advantages Vietnam’s tourism sector possesses, including beautiful landscapes, convenient river cruises, and abundant food and culture. Moreover, Vietnam’s visa-waiver policies have made it a more attractive travel option for foreign tourists.

There are some challenges, however, including a lack of skilled human resources in the sector. Less than 5 per cent of personnel in the sector have qualifications, according to an RMIT survey; a modest figure compared to other sectors.

In addition, strategies and plans for long-term tourism development have not been elaborated upon in detail.

The seminar featured representatives from major companies in the tourism sector, such as Mr. Ole Dross, Marketing Manager at Asiatica Travel, Mr. Jimmy Pham, Founder of KOTO, Mr. Marc Emmanuel, General Manager of the Pan Pacific Hotel, Ms. Tori Dixon-Whittle, Director of Auscham, Vietnam & Managing Director of TDWCo, and Associate Professor Palmer, who also moderated the seminar. Many students also took part.

Representatives from major travel companies proposed solutions to overcome the problems in the sector. Almost all believe it is necessary to improve the level and quality of human resources in the tourism industry through the establishment of universities and colleges of tourism.

They also said the government should adopt more policies to support tourism and have specific policies to ensure the rights and obligations of tourists.

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