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Visa-free extensions on way

Released at: 22:56, 13/05/2015

Visa-free extensions on way

Fifteen-day extensions to 15-day exemptions to come shortly.

by Tue Lam

The government has requested the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) grant extensions to the visa-free period for tourists from countries with whom Vietnam has reciprocal visa exemption arrangements in cases where they wish to stay longer in the country, provided they are sponsored by an international travel company and have a return ticket.

An extension would be for 15 days at a maximum and available only once.

International visitors exempted from visas who exit to a third country can be granted a visa-on-arrival upon their return to Vietnam.

The Deputy Prime Minister asked MCST to strengthen inspections of international travel companies permitted to sponsor tourists exempted from visas, which is required under law, with strict sanctions applied to any violations.

The government has already approved visa waivers for single-entry visits of up to 15 days for Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, South Korean, and Swedish nationals.

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