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VNAT introduces new tourism logo and slogan

Released at: 09:36, 12/12/2014

VNAT introduces new tourism logo and slogan

"Vietnam - Timeless Charm" adopted by tourism authority.

by Linh San

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has introduced a new logo and slogan for Vietnam’s tourism industry - “Vietnam - Timeless Charm”, to promote development towards 2020 with a vision to 2030.

According to VNAT Chief Nguyen Van Tuan, Vietnam’s tourism has developed its brand development strategy with support from the European Union. The lotus was chosen as the logo image, with five petals in five colors expressing the diversity and charm of the country’s tourist destinations and the rich experience gained by international tourists. In Eastern philosophy the number 5 expresses hope and perfect harmony of life’s values.

The slogan “Vietnam - Timeless Charm” is the successor of previous slogans and also shows the charm and longevity of Vietnamese tourism products.

The structure of the “Vietnam - Timeless Charm” brand contains the fundamental values of Vietnam’s tourism: time, intensity, mystery, and commitment.

Time: The brand conveys the idea that Vietnam is a destination that offers visitors relaxation, where they can revive their physical and mental health through new experiences.

Intensity: Vietnam’s tourism resources, such as the sea, islands, mountains, and forests, with a variety of beauty, will provide great experiences for and strong passion among visitors.

Mystery: Vietnam’s culture, with 54 ethnic groups with different religions, beliefs, and traditions, remains a mystery to many tourists around the world.

Commitment: Vietnam commits to providing the best possible services to tourists.

VNAT also introduced four main product lines: marine and island tourism, cultural tourism, tourism in association with nature, and urban tourism.

It is hoped that the new logo and slogan will contribute to improving Vietnam’s image, brand and competitiveness to attract more international tourists.

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