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Coca-Cola invests in manufacturing process for sustainable development

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Coca-Cola invests in manufacturing process for sustainable development

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Sustainability is the goal in every facet of Coca-Cola's operations in Vietnam.

Recognized as a multi-national company that has grown sustainably in Vietnam, aside from implementing comprehensive human resources policies Coca-Cola is also committed to investing in and developing product quality and manufacturing processes in line with international standards. Each step of Coca-Cola’s development process during its more than 20 years in Vietnam prove that the company’s strategy is on the right track.

From product quality and manufacturing processes…

2012 marked a significant milestone for both Coca-Cola and Vietnam’s economy, as the company pledged to pour investment of $300 million into the country. Besides creating more jobs for local workers the investment was earmarked for upgrading production lines and developing infrastructure in order to facilitate the company’s sustainable development goals to 2015 and beyond in Vietnam.

To fulfill this mission, advanced production lines at three Coca-Cola’s manufacturing plants in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang as well as the closed production process, from collecting materials to production at the factory, had to meet strict management standards before products reach consumers.

It's Coca-Cola's first priority to invest in modern production line and to ensure smooth operation of the manufacturing process

All three Coca-Cola plants have now received a Certificate of Food Safety Conditions, a Certificate of Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008),a Certificate of Food Safety Management Systems (FSSC 22000),a Certificate of Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14000), and a Certificate of Occupational Health And Safety Management Systems(OSHA 18000). With the FSSC 22000 certificate, which integrates both ISO 22000 and PAS 220 and is equivalent to GMP or HACCP, Coca-Cola’s plants are periodically reviewed once a year. FSSC 22000 is also recognized by the prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and enables Coca-Cola to deeply penetrate into the global retail chain and is the passport that brings Coca-Cola closer to consumers to win their trust.

In addition, every Coca-Cola product will be tested and reviewed annually in strict accordance with required standards to minimize food safety risks and assure diversified, safe and high quality products are available to Vietnamese consumers.

…to a green environment and a better life for the community

Providing better living standards to the community is also part of Coca-Cola’s sustainable development strategy, in fields where the company has a social impact, including energy efficiency, use of water resources, utilization of packaging, etc.

Aiming to become a leading company in energy efficiency and environmental protection and to reduce its carbon footprint across its value chain by 25 per cent by 2020, Coca-Cola has switched to using CNG and Bio Mass in its three Vietnam plants and can therefore reduce energy consumption by up to 10 percent by using solar energy systems for heating water from 250C to 70-750C to provide 80 cubic meters of water every day and save 6 million Megajoules annually.

In the time to come, Coca-Cola will install solar panels at its manufacturing plants to provide 20-25 per cent of its electricity needs. With such effective solutions, Coca-Cola has obtained LEED certification from the Green Building Council (US) for designs and plants that ensure the optimized use of energy and minimal environmental impact.

Moreover, Coca-Cola is the only company in Vietnam that utilizes solar panels, in its EKOCENTER network, to provide 100 per cent of power to maintain the daily activities at each center and ensure a sufficient supply of green energy for residents in disadvantaged localities nationwide.

EKOCENTER also provides a range of utility services, such as free wi-fi, ready-to-drink clean water, sports areas, community spaces, and a kiosk that sells daily necessities, enabling women to enhance their personal ability and earn more income for their family. In operation for more than one year, EKOCENTER facilities have helped improve the quality of life for many disadvantaged people.

People takes free purified water – one of the utilities that improve local residents's quality of life

As the fruition of Coca-Cola’s efforts in “Clean Water”, one of the company’s global sustainable goals, more than 50,000 people in seven cities and provinces in Vietnam now have clean water for daily use thanks to the company’s “Clean Water for the Community” project, which has been carried out in coordination with local authorities and non-government organizations for more than ten years.

It’s also worth mentioning the Tram Chim Bird Sanctuary, which benefits from Coca-Cola’s “Protecting the Biodiversity and Developing Community-based Eco-tourism” project, which is aimed at improving natural environmental conditions and enhancing the quality of local people’s lives.

A company can grow sustainably only when the community it operates in grows sustainably as well. Similarly, a brand can only be built as long as it wins customers’ trust and is proven through real experience. By strictly abiding by the company’s commitments to consumers and maintaining a quality management system and production process that meets international standards, Coca-Cola demonstrates its relentless efforts and resolutions to reinforce its long-term operations in Vietnam and contribute to the sustainable development of the local community.

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