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COTTON USA to celebrate Cotton Day 2019

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COTTON USA to celebrate Cotton Day 2019

Intensive research and superior technology has produced a cotton product that’s now whiter, finer, stronger and cleaner (Photo source from Cotton USA)

Cotton Council International to host third Cotton Day in Vietnam on July 12.

by Thanh Thanh

Cotton Council International (CCI) will host Cotton Day 2019 in Vietnam on July 12, with exciting topics up for discussion.

This is the third Cotton Day held by CCI and is an opportunity for mills, manufacturers, brands, retailers, and US cotton exporters to connect with COTTON USA and build an even stronger US cotton supply chain in Vietnam.

Grown and monitored with the strongest, most enforceable regulations, US cotton meets the most demanding quality and environmental requirements. This is one reason why US cotton is a reliable choice for world-class mills, manufacturers, brands, and retailers.

In Vietnam, the network of COTTON USA-licensed partners has rapidly expanded to 26 mill licensees and five brand licensees, thanks to more than ten years of trade-focused operations and three years of brands’ and retailers’ engagement in the country. The 26 mill licensees have registered over 400,000 tons of US cotton and the five COTTON USA-licensed brands in Vietnam - CANIFA, JOHN HENRY, NINOMAXX, ONOFF and Sunfly - have licensed more than 1.7 million products in 2019.

COTTON USA has become “The Cotton The World Trusts” because of years of transparent partnerships as well as US cotton’s quality, sustainability, innovation, and premium value. And the US was the first country in the world to test 100 percent of its bales. So you know what you order is what you get.


COTTON USA is soft, porous, breathable, and is extremely pure and safe. With these outstanding advantages, COTTON USA has become the preferred choice and is applied extensively in the textile industry.

In COTTON USA, farmers are committed to sustainable farming in their fields and make these fields better for future generations. The US cotton industry has a long history of innovative harvesting and ginning technology that results in higher quality cotton. At the same time, the application of the latest sorting technology on computers will ensure that each package is correctly classified. Strict production steps are in place to ensure the highest level of uniformity and consistent quality - another reason why COTTON USA has become a major influential brand in the world.

..High tech measurement systems driven by computers to achieve high quality and yield with less water and chemicals

A 2017 survey studying consumers’ perceptions in large markets including the US, Canada, the UK, and the EU, indicated that over 80 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for COTTON USA labelled products. Its results showed that the COTTON USA hangtag adds value not only to consumers but also to the whole textile and garment industry using US cotton. It’s all a part of the premium value COTTON USA brings to the entire supply chain. COTTON USA’s dedication to helping build closer relationships between suppliers and buyers benefits the entire industry.

Licensees may utilize the COTTON USA mark to highlight US cotton products throughout the supply chain and at retail. COTTON USA supports partners with a range of value-added services, and the benefits of partnerships are tangible. To qualify for a COTTON USA license, products must contain more than 50 percent US cotton.

CCI, the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council of America, is a non-profit organization established in 1956 to promote US cotton around the world under its COTTON USA trademark. The US has been the world’s largest exporter of cotton for many years and Vietnam has become one of the most important markets for CCI, with US cotton’s market share continuously exceeding 50 percent, representing total import value of over $1.1 billion in recent years.

Cotton Day 2019 - July 12, 2019

Organised by COTTON USA - The Cotton The World Trusts

Website: https://cottonusa.org/

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