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DEEP C Industrial Zones developing Hai Phong

Released at: 09:56, 15/09/2016 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

DEEP C Industrial Zones developing Hai Phong

Photo: Deep C IZ

IZ provides a perfect location in Hai Phong with all the facilities investors could wish for.

When investing overseas, apart from a friendly business environment companies also look for a place that provides good infrastructure and ease of doing business.

With 20 years of experience, Dinh Vu/Deep C Industrial Zones has developed such a location and facility to answer the needs of investors. It is now one of the industrial zones with the greatest ease of doing business in the north of Vietnam.

All necessary transport infrastructure is within the shortest distance possible. Dinh Vu Port (20,000 DWT), the biggest in the north, is inside the industrial zone. Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port (100,000 DWT), which will be the largest port in the north when built, is just 7 km away via the Tan Vu - Lach Huyen Bridge.

Transport from Deep C and its nearby ports then enjoy a direct connection to the Hanoi - Hai Phong Expressway for fast delivery throughout the region. Cat Bi International Airport is only 2 km away, and Noi Bai International Airport is reachable within 1.5 hours.

These key links maximize the benefits for investors and ensure companies at Deep C/DVIZ remain the most competitive in terms of transport costs and most reliable in terms of delivery time.

Labor sourcing is also easy. Within 20 minutes (7 km), companies have access to a skilled labor pool of 1.2 million people. Within 20 km the pool increases to nearly 4 million people, in the Red River Delta. Labor costs are also more competitive in Hai Phong compared to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, giving investors more flexibility in recruitment and operations.

The industrial zone itself is a state-of-the-art facility that integrates international standards and a philosophy of reliability into its operations. Investors are connected to a reliable utilities system that ensures stable operations throughout (power, water, wastewater, firefighting, drainage). Companies investing in Deep C also enjoy automatic economic zone tax incentives (the best package in Vietnam) that allow savings of corporate income tax for 15 years and personal income tax for the project’s lifetime.

Seeing these benefits, local and international investors such as Knauf, C.Steinweg, Bridgestone, Chevron, Nippon Express, JX, Idemitsu, Nakashima, PVOil, Petrolimex, and PVGas have chosen Deep C as the new base for their businesses, contributing significantly to FDI in Hai Phong.

Recent concerns over environmental protection at industrial zones have garnered widespread attention throughout the country, raising the necessity to tighten regulations and inspections.

Deep C has been visionary in this regard. The industrial zone’s central wastewater treatment plant was upgraded in 2010 and strictly complies with Vietnamese and international standards.

The plant is the first in the north to be receive ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certification. It is operated by an expert company, Infra Induss from Belgium, who has over 130 years of experience in the Port of Antwerp. Investors at Deep C are therefore fully protected against environmental responsibilities and can continue sustainably.

The efforts of Deep C allow it to attract more high-tech and green industries, including both end-product and support industries.

Projects in solar panels and automotive component manufacturing have recently chosen to invest in Deep C. Textile companies (fiber production, weaving and spinning, etc.) have also expressed interest in the zone thanks to its ability to handle special wastewater and its proximity to markets.

Deep C is considered a good model for sustainable industrial development in Hai Phong and in Vietnam.

It also represents the strong relationship between the Vietnamese and Belgian governments, who have both invested in this project. FDI not only brings capital and jobs to Vietnam but also good economic, trading and development cooperation.

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