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Exploring the World at Apollo English is totally possible

Released at: 15:27, 10/04/2019 Vietnam golden dragon awards & Vietnam Excellent Brand Awards 2019

Exploring the World at Apollo English is totally possible

Photo from Apollo English Vietnam

Ms. Kate Steenkamp, Head of Learning Experience Quality at Apollo English Vietnam, tells VET about its exciting new summer program.

by Khanh Chi

How can students explore the world around them through the learning programs at Apollo English Vietnam? Is this a new concept for children?

This is truly a new concept for Vietnamese children, but it is becoming a modern educational trend for children in the UK, the US, Australia, and Europe. Instead of letting children enjoy summer in a normal way like they still do in Vietnam today, we have designed special programs called “So Wow This Summer”, so that students can experience an exciting (as well as useful) summer. Students will be inspired to explore the world and learn new things every day.

Ms. Kate Steenkamp (Photo from Apollo)

The most special element of this summer program is that students can talk and learn directly with real explorers like Joel Sartore - a specialist in wildlife research, Annie Griffiths - a National Geographic photographer, or Archana Anand - a marine biologist. Through weekly projects at Apollo, students will learn many important life lessons under the online guidance of these explorers. This is the exclusive content that Apollo English is developing with National Geographic Learning for this summer only.

Thus, they do not only learn English, they are also being equipped with the knowledge and skills of global citizens. They are encouraged to participate in outings, English speaking contests, the Apollo’s Got Talent competition, our Summer Gala, and events with inspirational international speakers. I also want to share the good news about Archana Anand coming to Vietnam at the end of April to conduct workshops with Apollo students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

What is the outcome for students after participating in “So Wow This Summer”?

Every child is special in their own way. At Apollo, we aim to help children become more fluent and confident when using English with our unique learning methods. Students will develop future skills through diverse activities. In particular, students are equipped with important early life skills such as creativity, language and literacy, physical skills, numeracy, social awareness, problem solving skills, and critical thinking. As mentioned above, students will get to play, learn, and enjoy a WOW summer with outings and summer fun rooms that are full of sports and musical equipment, interesting books, and digital resources. We will close our WOW summer with an exciting Apollo Summer Gala night with a special performance from an international artist.

What gave Apollo the idea of partnering with National Geographic Learning to launch such an attractive summer program?

We have top language experts with years of experience in education. Our experts know that a child can be fully educated when they are interested in what they are learning, have knowledge of the world and insights into the community, and are able to express their feelings. The question is whether there is a sufficiently interesting program to encourage children to learn effectively and still get to enjoy an exciting summer. We considered many partners before deciding on National Geographic Learning as our strategic partner. They are a leading publisher in the world that shares the same vision as us, of “Educating global citizens and fostering prosperity”.

A summer approaches, what is your advice to parents so they can plan the most effective summer for their children?

Children learn when they play and acquire knowledge best when they are happy and interested. Summer is a great time for children to rest, play and be entertained after a stressful school year. Apollo’s “So Wow This Summer” program will bring them a summer full of joy, laughter and comfort, with a variety of activities that bring excitement. Together with many experts in the field of education at National Geographic Learning, this summer at Apollo will be very special.

For more information, please contact Apollo English Vietnam at hotline 1800 6655.

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