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Three Vietnamese airlines at 7-star international safety standard

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Three Vietnamese airlines at 7-star international safety standard

Photo source: caa.gov.vn

Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, and Jetstar Pacific all meet safety standards of AirlinesRating.

by Ngoc Lan

The 75th annual meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) took place in Seoul, South Korea last weekend.

Among the many matters senior leaders of the world’s leading airlines discussed at the conference, aviation security and safety was again placed on top.

Aviation is a specific industry, as all airlines must comply with common rules and standards to ensure security and safety. Aviation incidents can happen in any country and involve any airline. Prior to each flight, a series of inspection activities are carried out to ensure absolute safety for passengers.

In Vietnam, the direct management agency is the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) and all airlines have recorded positive results in ensuring security and safety. Vietnam has not encountered any serious aviation incidents for more than 20 years and the strong development of its aviation industry has been recognized globally.

Vietnamese airlines transported 50 million passengers last year, an increase of 14 per cent against 2017, and carried nearly 400,000 tons of cargo, an increase of 26 per cent. Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, and Jetstar Pacific Airlines are the three largest carriers in the country and are all ranked as seven-star airlines in international aviation safety by the prestigious AirlineRatings. One of the most important criteria for Vietnamese airlines is the possession of IATA safety certification (IOSA).

IOSA-certified airlines have operating records that are four-times safer than those of carriers without certification. In 2017, the accident rate of IOSA-certified airlines was 0.56 per 1 million flights; nearly four times lower than the rate of 2.17 accidents per 1 million flights of carriers without IOSA testing.

AirlineRatings said IOSA testing is done every two years and includes more than 1,060 standards. Only 16 per cent of airlines in the world have IOSA certification, including Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Jetstar.

In the context of a number of countries in the region receiving an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) safety warning, in February Vietnam received a certificate for Category 1 rating (CAT 1) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US.

CAT 1 is an aviation safety surveillance standard approved by FAA’s international air safety assessment program. Achieving CAT 1 has a very important meaning to Vietnam’s aviation sector, greatly improving the reputation of its carriers in the international market. During the evaluation process, FAA carefully evaluated the flight safety of the three Vietnamese airlines.

According to US Ambassador H.E. Daniel Kritenbrink, achieving CAT 1 certification means that the FAA evaluates Vietnam’s aviation industry as complying with US airline standards and the world of safety management.

The efforts of aviation authorities along with Vietnamese airlines in strengthening and elevating Vietnam’s aviation industry on the world map have brought about positive results and are recognized by reputable global organizations, affirming the quality and service of the industry as a whole.

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