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Vietnamese Excellent Brand Award for Vissan

Released at: 11:22, 14/04/2017

Vietnamese Excellent Brand Award for Vissan

Photo: Vissan

Local food producer honored with award for sixth year in a row.

by Tue Lam

Vissan was honored to receive a “Vietnamese Excellent Brand Award 2016” from Thoi Bao Kinh Te Viet Nam (Vietnam Economic Times) on April 8, which recognize local enterprises with outstanding achievements in production and business activities.

This is sixth consecutive year Vissan has picked up the award, confirming its leading position in Vietnam’s food market. 

During its 45 years of operations, Vissan became one of the leading companies in the field of producing and trading fresh food and processed meat products. It currently possesses a broad distribution network, including 130,000 points of sale in traditional channels, more than 1,000 supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide, and showrooms at more than 60 locations. Vissan products are readily found in the homes of millions of families.

The company recently launched new mixed Shaking-up Sausages, produced by a closed process that guarantees food safety and hygiene.

Aiming to bring consumers quality products with unique tastes, Vissan constantly researches and improves its product range. Its Shaking-up Sausages come in three types: cheese shaking-up sausage, mixed tamarind sauce sausage, and mixed BBQ sauce sausage.

If you have a taste for the sweet and salty flavor of cheese, then you can’t go past the cheese shaking-up sausage. The fragrance of the cheese resonates with the sausage to not only awaken the smell but also make your taste buds more sensitive than ever. Simply pour the cheese over the sausage, shake the jar, and enjoy.

The sour and spicy features of tamarind bring a new and unique flavor to the mixed tamarind sauce sausage. While your tongue will feel the sour taste, the corner of your mouth will feel the mild spice and sweet taste in your mouth. After seeing the golden iridescent layer of tamarind sauce soaked in each sausage, it’s hard to resist taking a bite.

While tamarind sauce is light in flavor, BBQ sauce makes a dish even more special. With a passionate fragrance and light sweet and spicy taste, BBQ sauce makes the BBQ sauce mixed sausage a delight. Sesame seeds are also added to the BBQ sauce, for a special taste. As soon as you open the spicy sauce package, the BBQ aroma blends with scent of the sausage and stimulates the sense of smell and then the taste buds.

All products from Vissan have been manufactured in a closed process to ensure food hygiene and safety. Its nutritional food is of top quality and suitable for everyone, from young children to adults.

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