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50 corporations charged with using unlicensed software

Released at: 07:59, 29/12/2019

50 corporations charged with using unlicensed software

Photo: BSA

In latest raid in November, three of four corporations targeted have large foreign investment.

by Hung Cao

BSA - The Software Alliance has reported that Vietnamese authorities are successfully cracking down on corporations using illegal software in the country.

It said authorities raided four corporations in November that were using illegally-acquired software worth $220,000 in their business operations. The corporations include major industrial, textile and auto-parts businesses in northern Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc, Hung Yen, and Bac Ninh provinces. Three of the four companies raided are directed by foreign nationals.

Since the beginning of 2019, Vietnamese authorities have cracked down on 50 companies using illegal software. All were major players using unlicensed software loaded on to company PCs and used in business operations.

“All of the companies raided were large, well-funded enterprises that could afford to buy legitimate software,” said Mr. Tarun Sawney, Senior Director of BSA. “They were also warned through the media and social media about the risks of using unlicensed software, but they failed to heed those warnings. We believe it is in the best interests of all businesses operating in Vietnam if everyone plays by the same rules.”

In October, BSA launched a campaign to educate Vietnamese CEOs about the need to clean up the use of illegal software, which was also launched in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

“Our goal is to protect and advocate for the rights of software creators so they can continue to create high-quality, innovative software used by companies around the world,” Mr. Sawney said.

“Government raids are a last resort when our preventative strategies fail to convince companies to voluntarily comply with the law. We prefer it when CEOs direct their companies to self-police and proactively choose to legalize all of their software, in which case no raids are necessary.”

BSA emphasized that, in addition to avoiding legal consequences, full software legalization has several benefits. It helps corporations prevent debilitating cyber security damage, improve productivity, reduce downtime, centralize license management, and even reduce costs due the flexibility of the modern subscription model.

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