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A chore no more

Released at: 18:56, 05/02/2015

A chore no more

Saving power, money and time were behind a humble school teacher designing a new type of dishwasher for the home.

by Nguyen Quynh

For Mr. Tran Dinh Huan, a teacher in the central highlands province of Kon Tum, the secret to a great invention is that is has a useful purpose in everyday life. And the dishwasher he invented, which uses solar power to boil the water, certainly fits the bill. The invention made its way into the Top 15 at the Invention Competition 2014 organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in coordination with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Mr. Huan said that dishwashing is a household chore that takes time that is scarce and could be better used on other activities. His dishwasher, which is cheap and handy to use, is great for all households.

While most imported dishwashers in Vietnam use electricity to boil water, his uses the sun’s abundant rays. According to Mr. Huan, Vietnam’s tropical climate means solar power is a constant source of energy just waiting to be tapped, and should be used to create and build useful equipment. His dishwasher is designed with four main parts: a water tank run by solar power, a water pipe with an automatic valve and timer, a dish rack, and a metal body.

He explained that the dishwasher’s operation is based on the principle of using the thrust of the water like a turbine in an engine. Water spurts over the dirty dishes at such a speed that it dissolves oil and waste, and while hot water works best it’s also possible to use water of normal temperature and dishwashing liquid.

The size of Mr. Huan’s new dishwasher is about the same as a washing machine and runs automatically with a timer. It takes 15 to 20 minutes for each washing cycle. Any leftovers on the plates, bowls or pots and pans should be removed, as would be done with an electric dishwasher. The maximum capacity for each load is 30 dishes and other utensils such as spoons and chopsticks, and it consumes 40 to 50 liters of water per cycle. The rack has specially-designed places for bowls and plates.

While the price of an imported dishwasher is around VND20 million ($936), Mr. Huan’s sells for VND6 million ($281). Many households, from Kon Tum to Ho Chi Minh City, have already bought one and Mr. Huan is now working on getting it into mass production. 

The WIPO and the Organizing Committee of the Invention Competition 2014 held his invention in high regard. According to Mr. Andrew Michael Ong, WIPO’s Head of Asia Pacific, the dishwasher is useful for everyday life and suitable to the circumstances of most Vietnamese.

Facts & Figures

$370 million will be invested by the US-based Mondelez International Group into Kinh Do’s confectionery business if the latter’s shareholders approve. Mondelez International is an American multinational confectionery, food and beverage conglomerate, employing around 107,000 people worldwide.

$160 million in additional capital will come from Worldon Vietnam, an affiliate of the UK’s Gain Lucky Corporation, to its investment in the Dong Nam Industrial Park in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City, which specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality garments. 

$91.4 million is to be invested by the Philippines’ Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) to acquire a portion of the Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment Bridges and Roads Joint Stock Company (CII B&R). The deal will take full advantage of CII’s local experience and MPTC’s professional practice to promote CII B&R as a leading company at both the national and regional level.

$72.34 million will be invested to build an international passenger port on Phu Quoc Island, which has been approved by the Ministry of Transport and the Kien Giang Provincial People’s Committee. Construction will allow the port to berth international tourist vessels carrying 5,000 to 6,000 passengers.

$71 million is to come from the Vietnam Textile Group to build a fiber weaving, dying and garment complex in Que Son district, central Quang Nam province. The complex was designed to produce 4,600 tons of spindles along with a production line for textiles and knitwear and dye manufacturing of 5,000 tons of products.

$18 million will be invested by the apparel producer Nobland Vietnam under South Korea’s Nobland International Inc. to scale up its operations and create jobs for over 8,000 workers in Ho Chi Minh City.
$4.7 million will come from the Saigontourist Holding Company and the Saigon - Cam Ranh JSC to build a luxury tourism complex on Cam Ranh Peninsula in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa, which will include a five-star hotel with 216 guest rooms, luxury villas, restaurants, health and meeting facilities, and a mini golf course. 

$3 million was invested by Parkson to open its first shopping mall in Da Nang, covering 10,000 square meters in the Parkson Vinh Trung Plaza B. The new mall marks Parkson’s 10th shopping center to open in Vietnam, though its mall at the Hanoi Keangnam Landmark closed on January 2.

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