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Accesstrade arrives in Vietnam

Released at: 22:17, 14/05/2015

Accesstrade arrives in Vietnam

Affiliate marketing platform launched by Interspace Vietnam joint venture.

by Thu Hoang

Japan’s Interspace Co. has worked with its Vietnamese partner MWORK Corp. in the Interspace Vietnam joint venture to launch the affiliate marketing platform Accesstrade in Vietnam on May 14

“Recognizing the impressive growth in internet users, online shoppers and digital marketing and e-commerce in Vietnam, we decided to bring Accesstrade to the country,” Interspace CEO Shinichiro Kawabata told the launch ceremony.

Accesstrade is an intermediate platform connecting trade and online service companies in e-commerce, retail, banking and finance, and online bookings with media partners such as websites or blogs, to promote products to users.

It is now the leading affiliate marketing platform in Japan and Southeast Asia. The reason why Accesstrade is much preferred is that it is focused on CPA (cost per action). “CPA is an online advertising pricing model in which advertisers only pay for users’ specific actions, such as purchasing, charging, registration, or enrolling in a membership,” said Mr. Andy Nguyen, CEO of Interspace Vietnam.

CPA is more popular these days than other advertising pricing models such as cost per click (CPC, used by Google and Facebook), and cost per impression (CPM, or traditional advertising banners), since it reduces the risk of advertisers having to pay for traffic that doesn’t generate revenue, due to fake clicks.

With more than 15 years of operations and advances made to adapt to demanding and competitive markets such as Japan, China, Indonesia, and Thailand, Accesstrade has preeminent features and tools helping advertisers optimize the effectiveness of their advertising and proactively choosing advertising channels, approving results, and reviewing advertising reports in real time.

The Interspace Co., headquartered in Tokyo, specializes in online marketing. Interspace Vietnam Co. is joint venture between Interspace and MWORK Corp., established last month.

MWORK Corp. has headquarters in Hanoi and specializes in mobile online advertising, online payment platforms, and apps to synchronize mobiles and PCs.

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