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AI Cloud Service for construction companies launched

Released at: 13:55, 30/01/2019

AI Cloud Service for construction companies launched

AI Map System (Photo: AICON)

Service introduced by AI Map Innovation Consortium for greater efficiency at construction sites.

by Minh Do

AICON (AI Map Innovation Consortium) launched the AI Cloud Service, primarily for construction companies, in Hanoi on January 30.

AICON includes the Asanuma Corporation, the Advanced Construction Technology Center (ACTEC), and the Gifu University from Japan, and the Mio System JSC from Vietnam. It is part of the PRISM project (Public and Private Research and Development Investment Strategic Expansion Program) supervised by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MLITT).

An AI Map is created to visualize the techniques of workers at construction sites, analyzed from an enormous data set collected from sensors attached to workers’ helmets. Based on construction images collected from sensors, cameras, and GPS attached to workers’ helmets and drones, it can create images of a specific part of a construction site.

AI then helps to analyze the data and the factors causing progress stagnation, if any, and visualize the controlled construction points. Machine learning is applied to store the results in the main cloud server for productivity improvements, to cut down on worker numbers and contribute to making techniques become transparent, which is a crucial problem.

As a result of the development of the internet and the appearance of Blockchain, machine learning, and other advanced technologies in recent years, productivity can be boosted in every corner of the world.

Meanwhile, at numerous construction sites, the construction progress is still evaluated by on-site supervisors. There may not be transparent techniques due to the dependence on human senses, and it may become more difficult to hand documents over to the next generation, which leads to difficulties in optimizing efficiency and analyzing data.

PRISM is built up with the aim of investment strategic expansion in public/private R&D, to boost innovative science and technology. The General Science and Technology, Innovation Council plays an important role in science and technology innovation by the government, introducing policies at each ministry where efficiency in building private R&D is pretty high. Along with the design of these corporate policies, PRISM will boost R&D, allocating additional budget funds if necessary.

Construction is common in Vietnam as the country develops remarkably. In Southeast Asia, Singapore was considered for developing the project due to it being a hub for business and boasting a high-level of transparency. The project is now in the process of seeking business partners in Singapore and Vietnam.

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