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Alpha Books releases Vietnamese edition of IoT best-seller

Released at: 11:49, 07/10/2018

Alpha Books releases Vietnamese edition of IoT best-seller

Photo: Hong Nhung (VET)

"Building the Internet of Things" shows how every business can implement IoT and grow.

by Khanh Chi

Alpha Books recently launched a Vietnamese edition of “Building the Internet of Things: Implement New Business Models, Disrupt Competitors, and Transform Your Industry”, a global best seller by Maciej Kranz, Vice President of the Cisco’s Strategic Innovations Group and one of the earliest pioneers of the Internet of Things (IoT). The book transforms hype into reality and shows how every business can implement IoT in the here and now for immediate profits and efficiencies.

With over $1.46 trillion projected to be spent on IoT in the year 2020, no other technology trend will more dramatically impact the near future. The launch of the book comes as companies across Vietnam are starting to adopt the technology to address key business challenges and open up new avenues of growth.

More than half of companies in Vietnam rank IoT among the top three technologies that will impact the digital future of their business, according to a recent study by Cisco entitled Ready, Steady, Unsure, which provides a technology perspective into Asia-Pacific’s readiness for digital transformation. The study highlighted that 36 per cent of companies surveyed in Vietnam have already started to adopt IoT. This is the highest number in Southeast Asia, along with Singapore, which has similar adoption.

Mr. Kranz, who has more than a dozen years of experience in IoT and over 30 years of experience connecting “everything to everything” under his belt, says that companies in Vietnam have a unique opportunity to leverage technologies like IoT to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

“Countries across Asia, like Vietnam, have long benefited from relatively lower labor costs, which initially helped them become global manufacturing hubs,” he said. “However, the advent of IoT, combined with advanced connected technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and fog computing, means that countries - and companies operating there - need to develop strategies that go beyond low-cost labor.”

“Companies across the globe are already utilizing IoT to increase productivity and efficiency in real-time by connecting their production lines with suppliers and logistics operators. This trend is picking up pace in Vietnam as well. I am confident that IoT solution and service providers, as well as their partner ecosystems, can contribute to continued growth in the country.”

“Digital transformation is no longer just a vision in Vietnam, it is a reality,” said Ms. Luong Thi Le Thuy, Managing Director of Cisco Vietnam. “Businesses across the country are adopting technology and harnessing its power to overcome key challenges and unlock new growth opportunities. However, our research has shown that there is a need to raise further awareness of the transformational power that IoT and other technologies connected to the network can have on businesses. The launch of this book, which maps a scalable plan for any size company to begin implementing (or improving upon) an IoT strategy that will deliver instant and major results, will help businesses understand how this technology can help them achieve their goals.”

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