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ASEAN mobility for six tourism jobs

Released at: 14:59, 26/10/2015

ASEAN mobility for six tourism jobs

Qualified staff in six position given free movement within ASEAN following agreement between members.

by Minh Tuyet - Ha Dan

After eight years of negotiations, ASEAN countries have reached agreement that six jobs in the tourism sector will have free movement between countries: receptionist, chambermaid, wait staff, chef, tour guide manager, and travel agent.

These six jobs are the most common out of the 40 jobs in the tourism sector, according to Mr. Ha Van Sieu, Deputy Director General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT).

ASEAN countries have been working towards completing the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Tourism Professionals (MRA-TP), which will be applied from the beginning of 2016.

Countries reached agreement on vocational standards and tourism training curricula for the six jobs, which must be followed by all tourism training institutions.

Vietnam has selected and nominated trainers for the ASEAN training programs, to develop human resources in the tourism sector.

It has actively participated in the creation of MRA-TP and is now making its national standards in the tourism sector compatible.

Mr. Sieu stressed that due to the free movement throughout ASEAN for staff in these six jobs, Vietnam must introduce policies to attract and retain talent as the personnel market becomes more competitive.

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