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BIG BOWL has new brand ambassador

Released at: 11:12, 05/07/2017

BIG BOWL has new brand ambassador

Chef Phan Ton Tinh Hai, Photos: Big Bowl

Celebrity Chef Phan Ton Tinh Hai to take on role as brand ambassador of pho-based restaurant chain.

by Doanh Doanh

The pho-based restaurant chain BIG BOWL has chosen celebrity chef Phan Ton Tinh Hai as its brand ambassador.

“The collaboration with Chef Phan Ton Tinh Hai is a wonderful match for us. Her obvious passion for food mirrors our own desire to introduce the world to the very best that Vietnam has to offer,” said Mr. Simon Stansfield, Managing Director of food and beverage provider Autogrill VFS F&B. “We are thrilled about this partnership, and we know our customers will enjoy the vivacious flavors that are the hallmark of Chef Hai’s signature dishes.”

BIG BOWL has an impressively evolving presence and can now be found at 15 locations in Vietnam’s five major airports: Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Cam Ranh, and Phu Quoc.

As an icon of the Vietnamese culinary scene and principal and lecturer at the Mint Culinary School, Chef Hai is one of the country’s most renowned chefs. Her reputation has grown through her involvement with the popular national television programs Master Chef, Master Chef Junior, and Iron Chef, as well as her hosting several of her own cooking programs on television. Chef Hai was born in Hue and picked up her passion for cooking from her mother. She earned a Master’s Degree in Food and Nutrition in the US and has demonstrated her skills worldwide.
The association with Chef Hai sets out to build on popular pho-based favorites and add a complimentary range of accompaniments, desserts, and herbal beverages to the BIG BOWL menu.

Known for her use of bold flavors and healthy ingredients, Chef Hai has utilized all of her culinary flair to represent the best of local ingredients in creating a range of flavorsome and healthy options that truly showcase the uniqueness of Vietnamese regional cuisine.
“This partnership with BIG BOWL is an exciting opportunity to expose both local and international travelers to my culinary inspirations through these dishes,” said Chef Hai. “Together, we are introducing some great local ingredients and working towards creating healthy and unique offerings that we are confident will appeal to guests.”


Commencing this August, Chef Hai will make cameo appearances at BIG BOWL restaurants nationwide. She will personally guide the BIG BOWL teams around the country to prepare and present the dishes on the new menu and impart processes and practices seen at the international level. These activities will culminate through the launch of the new dishes to airport customers who will all be given the opportunity to sample BIG BOWL’s exciting new range of products.
“Our aim for BIG BOWL is to build its stand-alone reputation and be seen to provide an authentic representation of Vietnam’s diverse and unique cuisine,” said Mr. Stansfield. “We want to change the way people perceive airport food and show that through quality and innovation a positive and memorable dining experience is a great reason to visit the airport.”
Since the first BIG BOWL outlet opened in 2012 at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, it has become a favorite among movers and tasters, especially those looking for genuine local tastes. Whether it be your first or last taste of Vietnam or just part of your daily routine, BIG BOWL is sure to satisfy your needs.
BIG BOWL has been developed by Autogrill VFS F&B, a joint-venture between Autogrill, the world’s largest provider of food, beverage and retail services for travelers, and the Vietnam Food & Beverage Services Company.

Autogrill VFS F&B was founded in 2013 and offers unparalleled dining services at major international airports in Vietnam. It is committed to making all travelers “Feel Good On The Move” through providing outstanding customer service through a wide variety of quality food and beverages in stylish airport outlets that best present local favorites and many internationally recognized brands.

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