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Bphone offers smartphone exchange

Released at: 12:40, 26/01/2016

Bphone offers smartphone exchange

With sales down on expectations, BKAV introduces program where owners can trade-in their old smartphone and pay the difference on a new Bphone.

by Son Ho

BKAV started a program recently on the Bphone fanpage that allow customers to exchange their old smartphone for a new Bphone, saying the idea came from consumers.

Smartphones eligible for the exchange are iPhone 5 and higher, Samsung Galaxy S5 and higher, Sony Z3 and higher, and HTC One M8 and higher. For other smartphones not included on the list, users can leave their phone number with BKAV and it will contact them with an answer on whether the phone can be exchanged.

BKAV will evaluate the value of the customer’s old smartphone and offer them the chance to pay extra to make up the difference in value between a new Bphone and the old smartphone.

This is a new form of promotion and it seems quite popular, with many retailers adopting it to push up sales.

Last August, during a visit to Bphone’s factory, BKAV leaders said they will not reduce the price of the Bphone until the Bphone 2 is released. In December, however, the price of the Bphone was indeed cut by VND3 million, despite the Bphone 2 not being released as yet.

Even with the price cut Bphone has not become as popular as other brands. The appearance of Bphone in stores has been limited under its distribution policy. Apart from the BKAV SmartHome online retail and showroom, the Bphone is only available in one retail chain. Many believe the exchange program is in preparation for the release of the Bphone 2.


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