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Brand ambassadors steer customer tastes

Released at: 07:00, 29/05/2015

Brand ambassadors steer customer tastes

Ms. Pham Thanh Hang, professional supermodel and brand ambassador for Salvatore Ferragamo in Vietnam, spoke with VET about the role.

by Son Ho

How long have you been working as the fashion representative of Salvatore Ferragamo and why did you agree to take on the role?

I’ve been its brand ambassador for more than two years. I accepted their offer because I’m also a big fan of the brand, especially its shoes. I felt that we could help each other. I’d like to make the brand become better known and for people to buy its products. At the same time it will also raise Vietnam’s fashion standards and contribute to the growth of the country’s fashion industry.

What does a famous fashion name expect when they choose a public figure as their representative or brand ambassador?

They will select a person who is suitable and has prestige and a reputation. They also want their representative to be able to influence consumers in beauty tastes, image, as well as style. I believe a distinctive style is created not only by the outward appearance but also by lifestyle, so people with more confidence can make fashion look better. When people believe in someone, they have more faith in the goods that the person is promoting. So the ability of the brand ambassador to interact with customers is very important.

Many major brands from all over the world use a single brand ambassador. Do you think a strategy of using different ambassadors in different markets would be better?

This would provide customers in a particular market with a local identity to follow. For luxury fashion markets that are still developing, such as Vietnam, one ambassador may be enough.

What impact do you think the entertainment industry has on the consumption of luxury fashion?

There are many people who follow the lives and tastes of showbiz stars so the fact that they may choose a brand based on what their idol wears is easy to understand. This happens not only in Vietnam but also in other countries, where companies choose celebrities as their representatives. This is seen in fashion products as well as other types of goods.

How much potential does luxury fashion have in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a new market with great potential. If there is strong support then growth will come, and we can foresee that the market will become well developed. I have always hoped to see luxury fashion develop in the country.

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