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CP Vietnam launches new fast food chain

Released at: 11:03, 24/04/2019

CP Vietnam launches new fast food chain

Photo: CP Vietnam

First CP Five Star | Pho Di restaurant opens in Hanoi.

by Khanh Chi

CP Five Star, the fast food chain brand of CP Vietnam, last week launched its new concept restaurant brand CP Five Star | Pho Di, with the first restaurant opening at Vincom Sky Lake in Hanoi.

“Six years after arriving in Vietnam, CP Five Star has successfully expanded its fried chicken business to 600 outlets nationwide,” said Mr. Suphat Sritanatorn, Executive Vice President, Food Business, at CP Vietnam. “This year it will strategically launch its new modern restaurant model, with diverse menus of delicious and high-quality food under the ‘CP Five Star | Pho Di’ name.”

“In order to meet the increasing demands of consumers and with dine-in and home delivery, our business is expanding with this larger-scale restaurant model. Customers can enjoy dining in a large space with a luxurious layout, comfortable seating, and separate areas, such as individual seating and family seating.”

Besides its familiar signature fried chicken and snacks such as sausages, French fries, meat balls, and fish nuggets, the new restaurant also has a hamburger menu together with cold and herbal drinks. Pho Di, a new quick-service business serving various Vietnamese and Thai noodle dishes, will serve the Vietnamese preference for eating “pho” almost every day.

CP Five Star | Pho Di serves various dishes at affordable prices, ranging from $0.65 to $8, offering varied, quality options.

CP Five Star is a food business under the CP Vietnam Corporation and focuses on high-quality farm food. Ingredients range from fresh and clean chicken and pork produced under a closed production chain to finished products on the table. Flavors have been developed by a professional R&D team to meet the tastes of Vietnamese consumers. It aims to develop high-quality restaurants with professional customer services.

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