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Demand for engineers in smartphone manufacturing jumps

Released at: 15:51, 07/04/2015

Demand for engineers in smartphone manufacturing jumps

High numbers of talented engineers proving difficult to find.

by Thu Hoang

A remarkable change in the first quarter has been the surge in demand for engineers in the smartphone manufacturing sector, according to a Navigos Search report. Incredibly, the industry accounted for 14 per cent of all requests for employees taken by the firm.

This has been caused by the investment of several large smartphone manufacturers in Vietnam, which are determined to localize not only production materials but also their workforce as an alternative to foreign professionals. The recruitment demand in this sector is “very big”, as quoted by a recruitment expert in the field.

As observed by Navigos Search, despite the enormous demand for electronic engineers at smartphone manufacturing plants in Vietnam, acquiring sufficient number of high-level employees remains tricky. “For now we cannot find enough high-level electronic engineers that meet clients’ recruitment requirements,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh, managing director of Navigos Search. “This is partly caused by the immaturity of the sector, and the lack of talented electronic engineers in Vietnam.”

The reasons for clients’ rejection of candidates include poor command of foreign languages (mainly English), and substandard skills such as communications, problem-solving, initiative and creativity. “While employers require their employees to start immediately, our candidate supply is inadequate to meet such requirement,” Ms. Anh explained. “However, we are determined to continue seeking top talent for our clients no matter how hard it is.”

Smartphone manufacturing is forecast to kick on in the second quarter, according to Navigos Search. In the first week of April 2015, smartphone production and electronics accounted for 21 per cent of total demand.

Following the smartphone manufacturing sector, textiles and garment were the runners-up in worker demand, accounting for 13 per cent. Major projects have been implemented since the end of last year, followed by considerable increase in recruitment demand within the first quarter of this year. With 12 per cent, manufacturing takes third place, followed by FMCG/Retail and Information Technology at fourth place accounting for 7 per cent. The recruitment demand for employees in finance and banking took last place with 5 per cent.

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