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Deputy PM addresses ICT Summit 2015

Released at: 14:56, 25/06/2015

Deputy PM addresses ICT Summit 2015

ICT developing well in Vietnam but Deputy PM calls for even greater efforts.

by Minh Tuyet

“With the growth in information technology, if we are one week or even one hour late we might be late by a year,” Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam told the ICT Summit 2015 held on June 25 in Hanoi. He was pleased with the determination seen among Vietnam’s ICT community in developing information technology and praised its strong growth, which was 16 per cent last year, but still called for even stronger efforts.

The Ministry of Information and Communications is now working on proposing tax policies to encourage the development of ICT in Vietnam, Mr. Dam affirmed. Many ICT workers from Vietnam, he added, are working overseas and he believes that new tax policies would encourage them to stay home. He also believes that such tax policies would attract overseas ICT workers.

Authorities must change their attitude, he went on. He gave the example of authorities investing in new computers, but without long-term thinking everything was quickly out of date. For this reason, he suggested that authorities cooperate with enterprises in conducting projects involving ICT.

Enterprises should also introduce their products to the government, he said, and he recommended they invest in areas where fees are charged so that the government does not have to outlay investment capital. Moreover, enterprises should also think about long-term benefits and not pursue only short-term benefits.

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