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Doosan Vina ships cranes to India

Released at: 15:56, 09/05/2017

Doosan Vina ships cranes to India

First three of 12 giant cranes making their way from Doosan Vina's port in Quang Ngai province to Mumbai.

by Linh San

Doosan Vina held a ceremony on May 8 to celebrate the shipment of the first three mega Rail Mounted Quay Cranes, or ship-to-shore cargo container cranes, to Bharat Mumbai Container Terminals Private Limited (BMCTPL) in India.

These first three cranes are a part of a total order of 12 from BMCTPL that will be produced and shipped by Doosan Vina over the coming months.

“This is another historic achievement for Vietnam and for Doosan Vina, because these are the largest among the 68 ‘Made in Vietnam’ cranes that we’ve produced here in Vietnam and they are also some of the largest such cranes made anywhere in the world today,” said Mr. Yeon In Jung, CEO of Doosan Vina.

The giant cranes, which are as tall as a 20-story building, will soon be adding to India’s economic growth by safely, efficiently, and economically loading and unloading cargo at BMCTPL. “I am very proud of our engineers, designers and technicians, who have once again shown that Vietnamese are hardworking, dedicated and exceptional craftsmen and the products they produce are world class and top quality,” Mr. Jung added.

“Since commencing operations here in 2009, Doosan Vina has been a reliable supplier of power plant boilers for major projects such as Mong Duong 2, Vinh Tan 4, Song Hau 1, and the Vinh Tan 4 Extension, and has played a very important role in localizing the mechanical industry in Vietnam,” Mr. Nguyen Van Thu, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI), told the ceremony. “The attention the company has given to quality control is also something that has helped Vietnam and Vietnamese workers develop. Today, we are celebrating the export of three record-sized Rail Mounted Quayside Cranes, which is a big achievement for Doosan Vina and Vietnam.”

The three massive 1,400-ton, 84-meter high, 144-meter long, and 26-meter wide cranes will be shipped from Doosan Vina’s purpose built port in the central province of Quang Ngai. After two weeks in transit they will arrive at the BMCTPL facility at Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Mumbai, fully assembled and ready to begin loading and unloading 65-ton cargo containers.

Since commencing operations in 2009, Doosan Vina has manufactured 68 of these massive cargo container cranes, which have been used to load and unload 30,000 cargo container ships that ply the world’s oceans and deliver goods to ports around the globe. In addition to this order for BMCTPL, Doosan Vina has also supplied cranes to Da Nang Port, Sai Gon New Port, Nghi Son Port, and some of the world’s largest ports, such as PSA Port in Singapore, JNPT Port in India, and others.

Doosan Vina is a high-tech industrial complex at the Dung Quat Economic Zone in Quang Ngai province employing nearly 2,100 Vietnamese workers. It supplies mega infrastructure products that make modern life a reality, including boilers for thermal power plants, desalination plants the size of a football field that turn sea water into fresh water, material handling systems like the cranes that are the heart of logistics at ports around the world, and high-tech structural steel for any purpose.

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