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Dragon Capital offsets annual carbon emissions

Released at: 14:38, 13/04/2017

Dragon Capital offsets annual carbon emissions

Photo: Dragon Capital

Investment company purchases Voluntary Emission Reduction certificates from a rural biogas project.

by Doanh Doanh

The Dragon Capital Group (DCG) has offset its annual carbon emissions by purchasing Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) certificates from a biogas project in the countryside.

With the aim of becoming one of the leaders in promoting corporate sustainability and environmental responsibility in Vietnam, DCG is conscious of its consumption of natural resources and is committed to proactively managing its environmental performance.

As part of such efforts, since 2008 the company has conducted an assessment of its carbon footprint and offsets unavoidable operational emissions to maintain its carbon-neutral status.

“Offsetting DCG’s carbon emissions through this project not only enhances its corporate social responsibility position but also encourages the development of small farm biogas generation in Vietnam, providing rural farmers with a sustainable gas supply from farm waste,” said Mr. Gavin Smith, Director of Dragon Capital Clean Development.

The total 583.43tCO2 emissions from the Group this year is being offset by green energy produced from the Biogas Program for the Animal Husbandry Sector of Vietnam, launched in 2003 by the Livestock Production Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in cooperation with SNV, an international development organization from the Netherlands.

The project provides farming families with access to renewable energy and improved hygiene through the development of a commercially viable biogas sector.

Founded in 1994, DCG is an integrated investment company based in Vietnam. Together with its affiliates, it manages some $1.5 billion in assets spanning public equity, private equity, fixed income, and property. Its primary shareholders are the company’s founders, management, and staff, and it now employs over 100 people at offices in Asia and Europe.

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