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Fastest growing enterprises named

Released at: 10:14, 12/03/2015

Fastest growing enterprises named

FAST500 report includes enterprises' thoughts on challenges to face.

by Minh Tuyet

Seventy-five per cent of enterprises revealed that they would expand their business to improve revenue, according to a recently-released report from FAST500. On the other hand, only 5.1 per cent said they would reduce their business over concerns about opportunities in 2015. The remainder said they would continue with the same level of business this year.

The report showed that improving productivity, better managing human resources, and developing new products and services were the Top 3 strategies adopted by enterprises over the last four years and this will be continued over the 2015-2018 period. 

Although merger and acquisition activities have been robust over recent years, 76 per cent of enterprises said that they don’t consider it to have been a major trend over the last four years and think likewise for the next four years.

Moreover, 60.3 per cent of enterprises said that the merging of competitors in the same sector is the factor most damaging to their company’s growth.

The report also found that 78.2 per cent of enterprises believe the best solution for continued solid performance over the next four years is for low interest rates to remain. This would encourage enterprises to regulate their finance sources for business expansion.

The enterprises surveyed by FAST500 said that their belief in the growth of Vietnamese enterprises is becoming stronger. In particular, the average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the Top 10 enterprises in Vietnam in the beginning of 2015 was 102.18 per cent, whereas the figure was 82.29 per cent for the Top 10 of the 500 small and medium-sized enterprises having the fastest growth in 2015. 

The list of Top 500 enterprises next year is expected to have more Vietnamese companies with typical business performance, which is evidence of the potential of Vietnam's

Top 10 enterprises with the fastest growth in 2015
1. Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd.
2. Vinacomin Power Corporation One Member Limited Liability Company
3. Vung Ang Petroleum JSC.
4. Long Son Co., LTD
5. European Plastic JCS.
6. Thanh Long JSC
7. Eco Phamar JSC
8. Dai Huu JSC
9. Sigma Engineering JSC.
10. Vina Food Breeding JSC
Top 10 small and medium-sized enterprises with the fastest growth in 2015
1. Son Trang Construction JSC
2. Kien The Quarry Material Co., Ltd.
3. Noi Thuong Bac Transportation Car Co., Ltd.
4. Tam Viet Production and Trading JSC.
5. Thien An Phat Textile Garment Investment JSC
6. Biotan Mineral JSC.
7. Nem Trading JSC
8. Lilama 69-1 Pha Lai JSC
9. New CC Construction Consultants Co., Ltd.
10 Viet Phuong Ha Nam Co., Ltd.

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