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FPT & Grab to develop smart city solutions

Released at: 10:21, 29/03/2019

FPT & Grab to develop smart city solutions

Photo: FPT

Two to partner in research and develop smart traffic solutions and others for Vietnam.

by Minh Do

FPT, Vietnam’s leading information technology corporation, and Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading super app, announced a strategic partnership on March 29 under which both parties will develop smart city solutions for Vietnam and cooperate to enhance the adoption of digital payments in the country.

The wide-ranging partnership will see FPT and Grab develop smart city technologies to be implemented in some major cities, in order to make the country’s transport and logistics network more efficient, less congested, and safer. Both parties will also research and develop new technologies in the realm of AI and cooperate on digital payments.

“With our repository of traffic data, analytical capability, and experience in public transport in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, Grab will cooperate with FPT to develop smart city solutions that enable easier, more convenient, and safer mobility,” said Mr. Jerry Lim, Country Head of Grab Vietnam. “Furthermore, cashless payment solutions launched via our partnership with Moca will integrate with FPT’s platform and e-commerce ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of the digital economy, reinforcing Grab’s commitment to drive Vietnam forward.”

“As a result of applying emerging technologies, the partnership between FPT and Grab is expected to bring an invigorated experience and increased convenience to Vietnamese people, along with boosting Grab’s efficiency,” said Mr. Le Hong Viet, FPT’s Chief Technology Officer.

“We strongly believe FPT’s superior technology, especially in AI, coupled with Grab’s experience and data ecosystem, will be the basis for successful cooperation. Both sides are going to share information, digital solutions, and applications appropriately and effectively, contributing to resolving traffic issues in Vietnam’s major cities.”

The partnership will be jointly implemented as follows: Smart City Solutions, Digital Payments, and Innovative Technologies.

Grab and FPT will also jointly develop AI technologies in areas such as visual recognition and authentication as well as real-time communication, with a focus on increasing safety and quality for driver-partners, passengers, and merchants.

Grab’s extensive fleet of driver-partners travel every road that matters in Southeast Asia and Vietnam multiple times a day, giving it one of the deepest datasets of traffic information in the region.

FPT is the first and only Vietnamese company to own a comprehensive AI platform, known as FPT.AI. This platform allows developers to develop interactive interfaces in natural languages to provide services such as Chatbot (for automatic communication with customers), voice recognition and procession (for Automated Call Centers), and image and document processing (for ID and face recognition), etc. In 2018, FPT.AI responded to 3.4 million requests each month. FPT.AT now provides a platform for 7,720 developers to develop apps and provides nearly 155,000 voice hours for FPT.AI partners. The text-to-speech technology-based Automated Call Center system has made more than 750,000 calls per month, able to simultaneously handle 15,000 calls at peak hour (equal to the working capacity of 500 operators at the same time). While the ID and driving licenses identification technology of the platform has recorded up to 95 per cent accuracy, its Chatbot has supported approximately 70 per cent of customer interactions in FPT Shop.

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