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Got It debuts first on-demand Knowledge-as-a-Service platform

Released at: 19:52, 07/06/2017

Got It debuts first on-demand Knowledge-as-a-Service platform

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Platform helps professionals, students, and consumers quickly and affordably find personalized, interactive solutions to knowledge-based problems.

by Thu Hoang

Got It, a startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, and a research and development group in Vietnam announced the debut of the first on-demand Knowledge-as-a-Service (KaaS) platform on June 6.

The new platform is said to help professionals, students, and consumers quickly and affordably find personalized, interactive solutions to knowledge-based problems.

Within seconds, Got It provides a “knowledge-time” unit by using artificial intelligence (AI) to match a user with an ExpertRank™-based expert, who has bid in a real-time auction for a user’s problem, to provide a 1:1 chat session, for a fixed time period, with a service guarantee.

Knowledge-time units are sessions of fixed length, for example ten-minute sessions or 20-minute sessions, and based on topic.

Got It also launched two services on its KaaS platform: Got It Pro, on-demand business help with Excel and Google Sheets for professionals in a 20-minute unit, for $3.99 to $5.99; and Got It Study, on-demand science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) help for college-bound, college, and continuing education learners in ten-minute units for $0.99 to $3.99.

“While turning knowledge into a service is no easy task, we have come up with a revolutionary approach to managing units of knowledge-time that are frictionless for both users and experts,” said Got It co-founder and Executive Chairman Peter Relan. “We are taking a different approach than Search and Community solutions.”

While Search is a fast way to get relevant links, its results are not personalized to a user’s specific problem and researching links can take a lot of time. Meanwhile, Q&A-style communities offer users a way to post more personalized problems, but the response time and quality is not guaranteed.

“Got It is the only platform that uses machine learning to organize brainpower by ExpertRank and guarantee interactive chat sessions with vetted, ranked, and audited topic experts, so users can confidently work through explanations and receive personalized solutions,” Mr. Relan said.

“Got It is transforming the world of human learning, problem solving, and knowledge sharing,” said Got It Vietnamese co-founder Hung Tran. “Our proprietary machine learning algorithm is the AI heart of the platform. It uses a number of intrinsic capability measures and external indicators of capability to calculate ExpertRank to organize the world’s brainpower. Plus, our AI auditing capabilities enable a full understanding of the conversation between the user and the expert, providing an enormous training set for our soon-to-be-released chatbots.”

While more than 250,000 people have applied, only 12,000 made it through Got It’s extensive vetting training and auditing processes to become active experts with a valid ExpertRank.

They come from over 70 countries and various professions and backgrounds, from engineers, business owners, product managers, graduate students, and teachers, to stay-at-home parents, half of whom rely on Got It as their primary source of income.

Got It experts have provided 2.5 million explanations to supplement their income and help others learn new skills.

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