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Haiti seeks more Vietnamese investment

Released at: 11:20, 14/01/2015

Haiti seeks more Vietnamese investment

Call comes as Caribbean country launches Haiti Cultural Week in Hanoi.

by Minh Tuyet

Haiti is seeking cooperation with Vietnam in agriculture, tourism and e-culture, Mr. Jean Lesly Benoit, Head of Mission at the Embassy of Haiti in Vietnam, said at an event to launch the Haiti Cultural Week, starting on January 12 in Hanoi, and the country has favorable conditions in place for investors.

“Depending on the duration of the investment and the number of jobs created, enterprises will not be required to pay tax for a number of years,” he explained. Furthermore, products manufactured in Haiti are subject to zero tax rates when exported to the US.

Viettel, he went on, is a good example of a company that has worked very well with Haiti in both economic and cultural terms.

In response, Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung, Deputy Marketing Director of Viettel, said: “We haven’t faced such huge difficulties when investing in other countries before,” in reference to the earthquake that destroyed Haiti’s infrastructure and created a shortage of qualified human resources.

Despite diplomatic ties between the two countries being established in 1997, Mr. Benoit said, actual cooperation only began five years ago when Viettel started its investment in Haiti. It now owns 60 per cent of Natcom, a major telecommunications company in Haiti.

In the next two years Viettel will improve the telecommunications network and then invest in other areas. “We commit to investing in Haiti in the long term because telecommunications never have an end point for investment,” Mr. Dung said. 

Telecommunications was an area that Haiti prioritized for Vietnamese investors five years ago, but tourism and agriculture are other areas where the country seeks investors, Mr. Benoit added. Tourism creates jobs and brings in hard currency that helps the country to develop, while agriculture investments would help the country to cut its food imports and become self-sufficient.

E-culture and sport are also areas where Haiti would like to see Vietnamese investment. “We are very interested in these areas,” Mr. Benoit said.

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