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Human resources key to development

Released at: 17:24, 14/12/2017

Human resources key to development

Photo: Huong Do

Global HR Forum 2017 being held in Hanoi on December 14 and 15 with the theme "Miracle on the Han River to Miracle on the Red River".

by Minh Do

South Korea and Vietnam continue to share views and strengthen the development of their strategic partnership in all aspects, especially in the fields of development, management, and the use of high-quality human resources to address the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) in Vietnam and internationally, the Global HR Forum 2017, with the theme “Miracle on the Han River to Miracle on the Red River”, held by South Korea’s Ministry of Education, Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training, and The Korea Economic Daily on December 14 and 15, heard.

Mr. Kim Sang-kon, South Korea’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Mr. Jaime Saaverdra, Senior Director of Education Global Practice at the World Bank, Mr. Phung Xuan Nha, Minister of Education and Training, and more than 300 local and international guests were in attendance.

South Korean experts and scientists shared the lessons that led their country from a poor country in the late 1950s to become an Asian dragon in the early 1990s: the “Miracle on the Han River”.

Minister Nha told the gathering that in a bilateral meeting with State President Tran Dai Quang at the APEC Summit in Da Nang last month, South Korean President Moo Jae-in said he believed that with determination, strong will, and hard work, Vietnam could have a “Miracle on the Mekong River”.

“Vietnam has always appreciated the importance of human resources development and is making efforts to adopt high requirements in the quality of human resources at the moment and in the years to come,” said Mr. Nha. “Learning from developed countries, especially South Korea, which has many similarities with Vietnam, Vietnam has identified human resources development as a breakthrough solution for the development of the economy and improving the quality of growth.”

Addressing the forum, Mr. Kim Sang-kon said he hopes that the Global HR Forum will allow the two countries to identify ways to cooperate in education and training and strengthen the close cooperation in economics, culture, and society.

Through discussions, parties will jointly identify the opportunities and challenges for the development of high quality human resources and propose appropriate solutions to meet human resources requirements in the new era and improve the quality of human resources in Vietnam.

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, the demand for human resources development is facing new challenges. The rapid development of technology changes the nature of some types of work, minimizing the number of steps through automation. Some human labor is replaced by mechanical and artificial intelligence. Countries need to develop a high quality human resources strategy for technical skills, social skills, and cognitive skills.

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