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IT incomes ranked second lowest

Released at: 11:36, 23/09/2015

IT incomes ranked second lowest

Survey reveals IT workers in Vietnam near the bottom in terms of average annual salaries around the world.

by Son Ho

MyHiringClub.com’s Worldwide IT Salary Report 2015 surveyed the incomes of IT staff at 9,413 companies in 40 countries from August 1 to August 31, with respondents being at the mid-career level.

Annual salaries of IT staff in Vietnam stand at an average of $30,938, ranking the country second from bottom and lower than other countries in Asia such as China, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Bulgaria pays the lowest annual salaries for IT workers, at $25,680 per year, while Switzerland pays the highest, at $171,465, followed by Belgium, Denmark, the US, and the UK.

IT staff in Vietnam were also paid the second-lowest annual salaries last year, at $30,650.

Though the survey did not take purchasing power parity into account, the result shows that many IT companies still have a tendency to transfer their IT staff to India. Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Director of MyHiringClub, said that less-skilled staff are moved to places with lower labor costs. On the other hand, skilled staff are kept in Western Europe and the US, but in lower numbers and with higher work requirements.

Mr. Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association, previously forecast that from now to 2020 Vietnam would be short of 400,000 IT workers. The education system, however, only provides 32,000 graduates in IT-related fields each year, and few of these can meet the requirements of enterprises.

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