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Masso Group recognized at PR Awards 2015

Released at: 13:35, 02/04/2015

Masso Group recognized at PR Awards 2015

Extraordinary 50 campaign succeeded through innovation and creative implementation.

by Huyen Thanh

The Extraordinary 50 campaign conducted by the Masso Group, a Vietnamese marketing agency, has been recognised at the 2015 PR Awards and selected in the top three among 230 Asian and global PR agencies. The campaign was launched on behalf of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

A report by the STB showed that 52 per cent Vietnamese visitors returned to Singapore in 2013. 303,000 Vietnamese tourists visited Singapore in the first eight months of 2014 (a 14 per cent spike) and contributed $616 million to Singapore's tourism industry. It is considered proof of the campaign’s success in communicating the message “There is something for everyone in Singapore.” 

Telling stories about Singapore in a different way

According to the STB's findings, Vietnamese people consider Singapore a boring and expensive country. As Vietnamese tourists’ demands and objectives have diversified and become more sophisticated, they do not think that Singapore can meet their needs. In short, both the perceived and available tourism offerings have weakened the efforts of Singapore to bring in foreigners in recent years, a country looking to establish itself as a top destination for the arts, culture, sports, fashion, shopping and general lifestyle. Masso Group's mission was to convert the existing perception into a fresh image of Singapore.

The company decided to get local media to tell those stories and get them engaged in the “refreshed” Singapore. The idea is that if you can genuinely excite them, they would automatically become enthusiastic advocates for Singapore. In the next step, a broad range of media types were approached including print, online, television, 'social journalists' and popular Facebook users in order to communicate about Singapore to their fans on social media. A broad range of content was developed in detail and tailored to relevant target audiences to be able to cover all aspects of Singapore.

To give the campaign its impact, the 50th anniversary saw 50 publications detail the same number of amazing stories from around the country. It was dubbed Extraordinary 50 (E50). The aim was to attract attention and provoke interest in real experiences and to make them think of Singapore as a fun destination. The content strategy was the cornerstone of the project. It also set them apart from other PR agencies. Carefully studying the local media landscape, the team proposed 50 story angles, each suited with their respective publication’s target demographics. They created themes and familiarization trips for those in the industry alongside deals for those in the media to foster their enthusiasm

The E50 project was a success that went beyond the expectations of the team. It generated a positive perception of Singapore tourism in a natural way. Its success can be measured in both quantity (the number of actual media coverage and reports on tourism) and quality, which was there for all to see. The impact of this campaign was so strong that the team received a ton of media requests for further information. Hundreds of beautiful, unsolicited stories about Singapore began appearing on top media channels, which complemented and boosted the official campaign strategy immensely.

The campaign's costs were approximately SG$1.28 million ($935,000), a large portion of that wooing media outlets and resulting in approximately triple the expected media output. The impressive number of outcomes could be explained by the incentives offered to the media. As a result many journalists delivered more than expected as they found it interesting to experience and rediscover a Singapore with more far drawcards than simply shopping. Through the outcomes of E50, Vietnamese audiences have been inspired and begun to get acquainted with a fresh image of Singapore.

The PR Awards is the premier event celebrating excellence across the public relations spectrum in Southeast Asia. From one-off stunts to long-term programmes, the PR Awards recognises brands that have pushed themselves towards measurable success, through sound and strategic communications.

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