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Medical equipment imports to be licensed online

Released at: 15:32, 03/07/2015

Medical equipment imports to be licensed online

Process to become much easier for enterprises and licensing authorities alike.

by Son Ho

On July 2 the Department of Equipment and Medical Facilities under the Ministry of Health announced the introduction of online services for importing medical equipment. Implementation will last from July 1 to September 30, then on October 1 a National Customs Portal for online services in importing medical equipment will be officially launched.

Enterprises will only have to complete forms and send their dossier for an import license over the internet rather it being done in person, as previously, saving time and money.

Licensing authorities, meanwhile, will have an easier time evaluating dossiers received online. All will be managed together, making it accurate, secure and easy to check. It is expected that licensing will only take one-third of the time needed previously.

Medical equipment is following in the footsteps of functional foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics in being able to access online services, according to Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien.

The Department generally receives dossiers from over 700 enterprises a month. The huge number along with complex criteria makes evaluation difficult. Completing the process will take a big step forward with these new measures.

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