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Microsoft & FPT sign agreement on cloud development

Released at: 16:00, 23/01/2017

Microsoft & FPT sign agreement on cloud development

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FPT to promote the provision and deployment of Microsoft's advanced cloud services to its clients.

by Nghi Do

Microsoft and FPT have signed an enterprise agreement relating to digital transformation, particularly cloud deployment.

FPT will be the first and largest enterprise in Vietnam to deploy Microsoft’s cloud computing in its entire operations, in order to optimize operational efficiency and improve competitiveness. It will also promote the provision and deployment of Microsoft’s advanced cloud services to the corporation’s clients.

“As two global and local IT corporations, Microsoft and FPT want to continuously strengthen their long-term, sustainable relationship via technology cooperation,” said CEO of Microsoft Vietnam, Mr. Vu Minh Tri. “The move to cloud with Microsoft technology will help FPT further develop and fulfil its mission of bringing technology and knowledge to Vietnam so it can reach its potential and partly address socioeconomic issues.”

In the first phase, FPT will adopt Microsoft Office 365 to move its entire system and data to the cloud, at the same time deploying One Drive for Business and Skype for Business, to optimize operating performance. In the next phase, the two will further develop the cloud (including Office 365 and Microsoft Azure) to digitally transform its clients in Vietnam.

FPT CEO Bui Quang Ngoc said that cloud services are growing strongly worldwide and gradually replacing traditional services and helping businesses solve problem regarding costs, human resources, and risk management. FPT is conducting digital transformation in all areas, such as management, technology, sales, and customer service.  

The deployment of Microsoft Office 365 is one of FPT’s steps in digital transformation to become the pioneering enterprise in the fourth industrial revolution. 

“With experience and capabilities recognized by customers and partners, FPT will provide optimum, beneficial and truly unique solutions and services for customers in the digital revolution,” Mr. Ngoc said.

Most of the world’s major technology companies have adopted cloud computing. In Vietnam, however, the majority of enterprises are still reluctant to move their systems and data to cloud, particularly large enterprises. FPT pioneering the application of Microsoft Office 365 for a large number of users will contribute to prompting other businesses to access and adopt cloud. 

With the strength of Vietnam’s leading provider of IT services, FPT and Microsoft will jointly develop the cloud market segment in Vietnam and other countries.

Earlier, in 2010, Microsoft and FPT signed a cooperative agreement to develop cloud computing services and FPT has been distributing and deploying Microsoft software and cloud services for a host of large enterprises. 

FPT is currently the most senior partner of Microsoft. In their 20-year working history, the two have collaborated to bring Microsoft’s powerful solutions to customers in Vietnam and other countries, such as e-government (eGov), eTax, eCustoms, and eHospital, among others.  

The two parties also cooperate in network architecture building, personnel training, hardware purchases, and software distribution and development in order to provide comprehensive cloud computing solutions that are suitable to Vietnamese customers.

Microsoft and FPT cooperation

* On October 2, 2001, FPT received a Microsoft copyright certificate;
* On October 20, 2005, FPT Information System (FPT IS) became the first Gold Partner of Microsoft in Vietnam;
* On April 27, 2006, Microsoft and FPT announced an MoU on a strategic partnership, marking a milestone in comprehensive cooperation towards developing IT applications in Asia-Pacific, and also recording a remarkable growth step in Vietnam’s IT industry in general and FPT in particular;
* On June 21, 2007, FPT was recognized as the top sales partner of Microsoft in Vietnam, and authorized to use Microsoft Office software licenses for the entire computer systems of government and local bodies;
* In May 2010, FPT and Microsoft signed a cooperative agreement to develop cloud computing services;
* On November 14, 2013, FPT and Microsoft signed an enterprise agreement (EA).

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