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MOG Vietnam launches new platforms

Released at: 10:16, 13/08/2015

MOG Vietnam launches new platforms

Platforms introduced to market on August 12.

by Thu Hoang

MOG Vietnam, a company specializing in mobile online advertising, online payment platforms, and apps to synchronize mobiles and PCs, introduced a range of new platforms, including Admactic, Gimi, YOLO Family, and 1Pay version 2.0. to the market on August 12.

Admatic is a smart, multi-channel advertising platform, developed based on the RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform, coordinating with other mechanism such as Advertising Exchange, Re-targeting and Programmatic.

It can provide all current popular advertising forms, including CPD (Cost per Duration), CPM (Cost per Miles), CPC (Cost per Click), CPI (Cost per Install), CPA (Cost per Action), and CPR (Cost per Redeem) on PCs and mobile for personal / organizational needs. Admatic promises to give enterprises an effective, transparent, and professional advertising model.

Gimi, meanwhile, is the first advertising platform in Vietnam that allows award gifts, including model products, promotions, and virtual currency, among others, to users. The platform will also allow brands to reach the right customer at the right moment in the form of gift awarding within apps / games on mobiles.

Revenue in Vietnam’s online marketing is expected to reach $329 million in 2015, according to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoang, who in charge of developing Gimi at MOG Vietnam. “The company targets to get 1 per cent of online marketing revenue in the country, equal to $3 million, in 2016,” he said.

YOLO Family will focus on the development of mobile apps that bring the most practical utilities and new experiences to users. It includes major products such as YOLO Launcher, YOLO Browser, YOLO Booster, YOLO Locker, and YOLO Security.

1Pay version 2.0. is an online payment platform that has developed from the 1Pay platform. The new version, with multi-language integration, allow users to conduct online payments through banks, card charging, Visa, and SMS, among others, in a simple, smart, speedy, and secure manner.

Established in 2011, MOG Vietnam has more than 3 million international users and 5 million domestic users in entertainment platforms and more than 500 partners cooperating in online marketing and advertising.

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