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MWG's working environment the best in Vietnam

Released at: 17:47, 30/09/2016

MWG's working environment the best in Vietnam

Photo : MWG

Phone and electronics retailer receives award for "The Best Working Environment" at Vietnam HR Awards 2016.

by Duy Anh

The Mobile World Group was honored as one of three firms with “The Best Working Environment” in Vietnam at the Vietnam HR Awards 2016. 

As well as more than 600 guests, the prestigious HR awards were also attended by Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Trong Dam, representatives from Mobile World, the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI), Microsoft, Unilever, Techcombank, and the Nova Group, and HR directors from leading companies in Vietnam.

The award bestowed upon Mobile World (thegioididong.com) is priceless recognition from the professional community of the policies it has in place for its 23,000 staff.

The firm’s six core values are set by its leaders, in which the priority is “put the customer at the center of every action”, which staff, from the Chairman to its security guards, practice in everything they do. From small matters such as in-store wi-fi to more important things such as sales agreements and delivery policies, all are executed with the aim of answering the question of whether they bring real benefits to customers and if they are what customers really need.

There is no study confirming whether these core values are merely bullets points on paper or truly ingrained in every action of every employee. What is true is that the number of customers choosing Mobile World increases every day, putting its thegioididong.com and dienmayxanh.com websites on the list of favorite e-commerce websites for mobile phones and consumer electronics in Vietnam. In April there were nearly 30 million people visiting thegioididong.com and about 5 million visiting dienmayxanh.com, with online revenue nearly doubling in the first half of this year.

Not only focusing on its customers, the firm also pays great attention to its employees. Mobile World’s staff numbers jumped from 8,000 to 20,000 within just two years, with an average of 1,000 new employees being recruited every month. The company retains its favorable remuneration policies for all staff, most of whom have expressed their satisfaction with the policies as well as the company’s management methods. This is why it was named as having “The Best Working Environment” at the Vietnam HR Awards 2016.    

“We care about not only creating a comfortable and equal working environment for our employees but also our corporate culture of loving and supporting each other at work,” said Dang Minh Luom, Director of the Human Resources Department at Mobile World. “That’s also one of our core values connecting thousands of people at Mobile World together, pushing the company to continuously move forward.”

The management team at Mobile World is also one of the few to have worked long-term with a company, with most having been closely involved with Mobile World since its early days.

In addition to its executive directors, Mobile World also has a board of non-executive directors who consult and set the vision for the company. The board is joined by reputable and experienced experts in the retail sector, including the former CEO of Best Buy International, Mr. Robert Willett, and Director of Mekong Capital, Mr. Chris Freund.

It is too soon to tell whether Mobile World will become another Zappos, the world’s largest firm in online shoe sales that was later acquired by Amazon for $1 billion. However, with its strong management team and corporate culture and positive achievements, we can fully expect the Vietnamese retailer to be successful domestically and internationally.

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