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Navigos Group launches career platform

Released at: 11:36, 19/12/2017

Navigos Group launches career platform

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PRIMUS dedicated to senior level candidates looking for management positions with a minimum monthly salary of $3,000.

by Hai Van

The Navigos Group officially launched PRIMUS (www.primus.vn) on December 18, the first career platform dedicated to senior level candidates looking for management positions with a minimum monthly salary of $3,000. PRIMUS joins existing members of the group, VietnamWorks - an online recruitment portal, and Navigos Search - an executive search firm.

“Top 1” candidates in Vietnam can now register with PRIMUS to look for jobs in such managerial positions. Candidates with profiles verified based on the PRIMUS protocol will be able to access all placements posted on the platform and select the most suitable in terms of expertise and experience. When they wish to apply for a job, PRIMUS uses the “Matching Score” tool to assess their suitability, so that candidates can make the best decision. Once they have applied for a job, candidates receive support from professional recruitment consultants at PRIMUS to connect with the employer.

Currently, job searches and applications for “Top 1” candidates at PRIMUS are free. In the near future, the platform will also help employers connect directly with such candidates. After receiving applications for managerial positions with a minimum salary of $3,000, PRIMUS consultants will connect candidates who meet the initial criteria with employers so that employers can continue the recruitment process.

For recruitment consultants, PRIMUS offers access to a source of “Top 1” candidates. When consultants post jobs, PRIMUS will provide a list of the most suitable candidates. This will save consultants time and enable them to immediately approach potential candidates. In order to become a PRIMUS consultant, a proven track record of working at reputable recruitment companies is necessary. All consultants are also required to attend an interview with PRIMUS to ensure they will provide the best possible services.

According to PRIMUS surveys and intensive interviews with employers and candidates, 65 per cent of high level candidates said that there is no dedicated recruitment portal for them. Sixty-one per cent said they had made at least one bad decision when choosing a job. More than 60 per cent said they quit their jobs because of their line managers. Most candidates in this segment are afraid of publishing their profiles on job search websites because they don’t want to be frequently “hunted” by recruitment consultants with inappropriate vacancies.

“PRIMUS is the first dedicated career platform for ‘Top 1’ candidates in Vietnam,” said Mr. Gaku Echizenya, CEO of the Navigos Group. “We aim to build a better labor market through our vision, ‘Success after Joining’. From our observations, ‘Top 1’ candidates can make a huge impact on the leadership team. If they choose the wrong jobs frequently, it can affect the trust and engagement rate of the company and the entire market. Once they change the perceptions of their staff and line managers, they can change insights in the entire Vietnamese market as well. In the near future, we plan to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze the suitability of candidates and line managers for each job posted on PRIMUS.”

As a result, “Top 1” candidates will have the opportunity to access full information about the company, including its leadership and corporate culture before accepting a job offer. PRIMUS gives such candidates and employers the most appropriate options for success, so that candidates can develop their career and contribute long-term to the organization, according to Mr. Echizenya.

PRIMUS has been very well received by high level professionals, employers, and recruitment companies. It currently has more than 4,000 high-level candidates, five verified recruitment agencies, and 35 recruitment consultants. The platform now has some 200 vacancies with a minimum salary of $3,000, of which 60 per cent are at the director level and 90 per cent have full information.

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