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Navigos Group the pioneer and leader in Vietnam's recruitment industry

Released at: 17:32, 04/07/2017

Navigos Group the pioneer and leader in Vietnam's recruitment industry

Mr. Gaku Echizenya, Vietnamworks CEO (Source: Navigos Group)

Group celebrating its 15th anniversary on July 4.

by Hai Van

The Navigos Group, the leading recruitment company in Vietnam with the online recruitment portal www.vietnamworks.com and executive search firm Navigos Search, is celebrating its 15th anniversary in Ho Chi Minh City today, July 4.

Over the course of the 15 years, Vietnamworks became the leading online recruitment portal with the largest database of Vietnamese and foreign professionals, reaching more than 3 million registered users and serving 13,000 employers, according to a report from Navigos Group.

Navigos Search, meanwhile, has cooperated with thousands of companies and hundreds of candidates at the middle and high level in Vietnam. The success of an M&A with Ernst & Young saw Navigos Search become the top executive search firm based on revenue and scale.

“To aim for sustainable development, we are now focusing on our long-term vision of ‘Success After Joining’,” said Mr. Gaku Echizenya, Navigos Group’s CEO. “Not only caring about candidates’ current success, we also care about their success in the future. This vision helps the company maintain its development and creates value for the market and also for society.”

He added that the long-term vision of helping people and companies achieve their dreams is also its mission. The Navigos Group hopes to share this vision with enterprises and together contribute to improving the quality of human resources in the country.

To mark its 15th anniversary and demonstrate its leading role, the Navigos Group also announced its business growth strategy. It will focus on recruitment solutions services, enhance market quality by creating actual competition, and increase value in the community by investing in social activities.

It will also accompany employees and employers to improve careers and is committed to supporting the younger generation with career guidance and contributing to human resources development. 

The Navigos Group launched www.vietnamworks.com in 2002, the first online recruitment portal in Vietnam and creating a new method of job searching in line with the trend towards online recruitment found around the world.

Navigos Search was then introduced in 2003, bringing the term “executive search” to Vietnam for the first time. Since then, Vietnam has attracted a great deal of foreign direct investment and Navigos Search has helped hundreds of global companies recruit suitable candidates. From the beginning, Navigos Search has served the market as an incubator and trained skilled consultants and helped bring the recruitment industry to the next level.

2013, en-japan, one of the leading recruitment companies in Japan, announced an investment in the Navigos Group, increasing its opportunities to grow in the Asia-Pacific. The successful M&A deal helped the Navigos Group retain its values and become a global company with more than 30 offices in the region. It now has various online websites that meet recruitment demand, such as www.japanworks.com, an online recruitment website for Japanese employers and candidates, and www.topitworks.com, an online recruitment website for the IT industry. In 2016, the Navigos Group recorded growth of more than 25 per cent and has become one of the leading recruitment companies in terms of revenue and increased its scale from ten employees in 2002 to 450 employees in 2017.

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