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Navigos introduces first application for IT job seekers

Released at: 11:28, 30/10/2017

Navigos introduces first application for IT job seekers

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topITworks provides fast job searches and information on career orientation to users.

by Hai Van

topITworks, an online IT recruitment website of the Navigos Group, has just launched the first job search application in Vietnam for the IT community, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

The application integrates convenient job search features and at the same time includes information on career orientation for IT job seekers.

Up to 60 per cent of users use mobile devices to access the website, according to topITWorks’ latest survey. In order to provide the best experience to users, topITworks officially launched an online job search application on Android and iOS platforms, the first mobile application for the IT community. topITworks has over 1,500 jobs in the IT industry.

The new application integrates a search engine and filter based on programming language and salary range. Job alerts are emailed to users based on the “job skills” candidates wish to search for. It has a simplified application interface with a mobile-friendly design, and a jobs bulletin feature appears after accessing the application.

In particular, the mobile application is applying “learning machine” technology for the search and filter system. The application not only suggests jobs based on keywords but also studies users’ behaviors based on search history, suggesting the most appropriate jobs and making job searches faster and more convenient.

According to the Navigos Group, Vietnamese IT candidates are considered by recruiters to be hard working, smart, and quick learners. But there are also areas in need of improvement, such as a lack of clear career orientation, frequent job hopping, a lack of passion for their job and a lack of engagement with the company, and high requirements compared to capacity. They also tend to lack soft skills such as communication skills, problem solving skills, and English skills etc., which will affect promotions.

In order to solve these problems, topITworks is not just an IT job search portal but also develops “knowledge” that covers the experience of IT specialists, career orientation, and advice for IT candidates in interviews, etc. With new articles every day, topITworks is also a place for sharing information among those who wish to learn more about the industry.

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