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NextTech among leading digital content companies

Released at: 08:46, 28/11/2017

NextTech among leading digital content companies

Photo: NextTech

Group recognized for its contribution to the development of the internet in Vietnam.

by Hai Van

As a pioneer in the field of e-commerce, the NextTech Group has won the trust of Vietnam’s information technology (IT) community in being named on November 22 among the Top 10 digital content companies contributing to the development of the internet in Vietnam from 2007-2017.

NextTech Group Chairman Nguyen Hoa Binh was also honored as among the leading individuals with a major influence on the development of the internet in the country.

“We want to bring opportunities to young people who want to start a business and have a professional background,” Mr. Binh said. ” He added that contributing to Vietnam’s society is also a major aim of his.

He told VET that NextTech aims not only to become the most innovative and powerful e-commerce corporation in Southeast Asia but also become the platform for supporting 100 successful technology entrepreneurs in Vietnam and reaching international markets.

Launched in 2001 as PeaceSoft, NextTech has been among the leaders in the creation of the first internet-based online services in Vietnam since 2004,, such as e-commerce platforms with ChoDienTu.vn, shopping via eBay.vn and WeShop.com.vn, online payment gateways with NganLuong.vn, e-wallets with VIMO.vn, mobile payment with mPoS.vn, consumer credit with VayMuon.vn, goods delivery with ShipChung.vn, warehouse logistics with BoxMe.vn, and education technology for children with TEKY Academy.

NextTech has pioneered the expansion of operations in some areas in five Southeast Asian countries, the US, and China.

During its 15 years of establishment and development, NextTech has been proud to introduce technological achievements to improve technology in Vietnam, starting with the e-commerce platform www.chodientu.vn; the foundation product for NextTech’s entire ecosystem.

In 2008, when chodientu.vn was already relatively successful, eBay, after failing in China, cooperated with NextTech, with the two sides launching the cross-border e-commerce transaction platform eBay.vn, helping Vietnamese to shop around the world.

After eBay.vn, WeShop.com.vn was the flagship platform for NextTech in globalization, allowing consumers to make purchases anywhere in the world. WeShop has offices in China, Silicon Valley in the US, and five countries in Southeast Asia.

Recognizing the inadequacies of e-commerce implementation, NextTech began to work with many electronic payment startups in 2009. The activities of enterprises did not meet the needs of e-commerce businesses such as NextTech, however, and at that time Mr. Binh decided to launch NganLuong.vn.

The company then introduced a series of other products in the payment ecosystem, such as FinTech (financial technology), which featured mPOS.vn. In the past, large stores installed bank equipment to accept payments by card.

By 2013, NextTech had begun to develop technology that allows smartphones to “swipe” and pay in embedded devices (only three have been successfully developed in Southeast Asia).

This technology allows anyone, including a small shop in a laneway, to buy acceptance cards, with a deployment time of only one day instead of one month. The device is changing the face of non-cash payments in Vietnam.

In 2015 it then developed the BoxMe system, which helps e-commerce businesses store goods. Whenever goods are sold, the nearest warehouse will ship it to consumers with just a click of the mouse.

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