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Novaland & BCG to develop Mekong Delta tourism

Released at: 16:14, 09/02/2018

Novaland & BCG to develop Mekong Delta tourism

Photo: Novaland

Two sign agreement on developing tourism in the Mekong Delta.

by Hong Nhung

The Novaland Group and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) have signed a major agreement on the “Development of the Mekong Delta’s Tourism Sector for Climate Change Adaptation”, which will deliver an overall strategy to unlock the full potential of the Delta’s 13 cities and provinces and Can Tho city as a tourism hub.

The Mekong Delta is one of the best-known regions of Vietnam, globally recognized for its agriculture, tourism, and diverse cultures. The area is an ideal destination for ecotourism, resort tourism, and exploration tourism. Though much progress has been made in its development, this has fallen well short of potential.

“At its best, the Mekong can be a tourism gem for Vietnam, measured alongside some of the world’s great river-based tourism destinations such as the Nile Delta in Egypt, which creates millions of jobs for the economy and provides funding to preserve natural and cultural heritages,” Mr. Christopher Lewis Malone, Global Head of Economic Development at BCG, told the signing ceremony.

“On the other hand, if not managed correctly, the Mekong Delta could quickly become a security issue for Vietnam due to environmental degradation and loss of livelihoods in local communities. The time has come for an immediate intervention that sets the Delta on a new development trajectory.”

The “Development of Mekong Delta Tourism Sector for Climate Change Adaptation” project will be one of the most significant strategies introduced to cope with climate change. BCG estimates that up to 300,000 additional jobs could be created within the tourism sector by 2025, providing critical diversification for the economy and a sustainable livelihood for those living in the Delta.

An essential part of the strategy will be using global standards and best practices for sustainability, thereby preserving and nurturing key cultural assets in the Delta such as floating markets and riverside communities.

With the development of the sector as a whole there is also expected to be significant stimulus for the small and medium-sized enterprises that make up the vast majority of businesses in the Delta. The initiative will also focus on education and training programs in order to bring service quality to international standards and raise awareness about environmental protection.

“By connecting initiatives and specific projects, we are keen to contribute to sustainable development in the Mekong Delta,” said Mr. Bui Thanh Nhon, Chairman of the Novaland Group. “We believe that when the project is completed, the Mekong Delta will be a popular destination in Vietnam, in the region, and in the world, which will help change the image of local tourism.”

With specific and strategic directions, BCG’s advanced and integrated consultancy will demonstrate a viable and sustainable market, attracting Vietnamese and international investors, development partners, and non-government organizations, all of which are the important factors in taking the region to the next level of sustainable development. The comprehensive tourism development plan will also ensure that investments will be used to promote regional economic development and support local people in the long term.

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